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Believe me, I’m confused!

Tuesday, 17 March, 2009

It has been a month since I last played a DCI-sanctioned game and I feel being left behind.
I wonder what the meta is. And I miss playing with other people. I’m interested in their strategies, reactions and quirks. I wanna feel the pressure and relaxation at the same time. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to join magic tourneys, my schedule won’t permit me. Talk about an 8PM-5AM shift. Plus weekends are meant to be spent on other things. Hmmm? Not really, problem is, I have no “block constructed deck” for this season. Okay, I’m so confused of what deck to build.

I’m an aggro player. My first deck is Rogue, then Kithkin. But lately, my little friends weren’t helping me any longer at FNM. I miss the booster packs. I then decided to convert this into boat brew. I’m in dire need of Ajani Vengeant and Siege Gang Commander. Why do I want to be one of them? IDK. All I want is to increase my chances of winning the game. Then why don’t I use my faerie deck? It’s because my Cryptic Commands are somewhere out there on the hands of “responsible” borrower. Am I sarcastic or not, you figure.

I’m not a magic expert. I don’t know why such decks are named that way. I’m not good in deckbuilding of my own. I’m fond of asking questions to the judges around. I often commit misplays. I have limited knowledge about the rules. Yet I’m a certified addict player. I had once joined FNM before my shift, reported to work afterwards, then joined the Saturday event until late in the evening. It’s fun, but not healthy. I was bed-ridden the next day. Why not, I was already sick prior to the events. Not to mention I haven’t got a good sleep, rather, haven’t had any. I’ve told you what I am when it comes to MTG.

I’m an intellectual type of being and the satisfaction this game gives me can’t be rated. Even in my busiest schedule, I find time to play, talk, or atleast read about magic. Check out what I’ve read today as recommended by Kuya ST, a magic player acquaintance of mine:


Lots of decklist.
But the article doesn’t mean anything to me, unless I have playtested those decks myself. 🙂
They are magic PROs and I’m not. That makes a great difference.

Someday, I’ll be one of them….