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My Most Hated Card: Cruel Ultimatum

Tuesday, 28 July, 2009

Eversince the birth of QnT until it has evolved into 5CC I’ve never won against it. I find it hard to beat a control deck.
Sad but true. When I was using my Kithkin (later on converted to boatbrew) against them, the most that I can have is to end the game with a DRAW. The main culprit? CRUEL ULTIMATUM!

It was such a game turner that everytime my opponent has 7 lands on play, I can clearly see my fate.
I can still remember all the faces and names of those people who beat my deck without mercy. Haha.

And just the night before Nats, I tried my luck at FNM using my newly-built deck: bant aggro.
Though it’s not aggressive enough with only two noble hierarchs. My first two matches were against my ever-despised 5CC. I couldn’t imagine that I will end up toasted with Volcanic Fallout. And when I say game-turner, Cruel Ultimatum literally triggered the turn of events and zeroed my 36 life points when in fact my opponent was down to 4. He even downed to 2 after playing Volcanic Fallout but who cares when I’m already dead. 😛

On round three, I was paired against a merfolk deck who controlled me till the end of game. Curse those Merfolk lords and mirror entity.

My limelight shone on me on the fourth round when I won against GW soldiers. Thank you to Rhox Warmonk equipped with Behemoth Sledge plus one Finest Hour in play. No more cumulative lifelink but having an extra attack phase spells victory.

Before I used to hate Faeries, but then my Kithkins/Boatbrew learned to beat them so I felt better.
Now I hate QnT/5CC, and maybe… I’ll continue to hate them until I beat one of them. ONE WIN as in ONE MATCH and not just one game.

Gashapon: Haruhi Suzumiya

Sunday, 26 July, 2009
Whew. I’ve got a new addiction aside from magic cards! Haha. So for now, let me repost an entry from my monetized blog. It’s all about FUN!

6 Tokens for 2 Gashapon:

Jackpot: Haruhi Suzumiya! Plus Yuuki!

Another Yuuki as an extra…

Over dungeons and dragons…

Just the two of them…

On the spotlight: Haruhi

Sexy Yuki!

This one is from my boyfriend’s cousin…

I’ll buy more next time. 😛