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Mike & Leli’s Wedding

Thursday, 29 October, 2009

Warning: This is a late blog update! They got married, but we had our own honeymoon. ROTFL. Congrats and Best Wishes to Mike and Leli!!!

More wedding pics on my FB account. (I did not upload anything they just keep on tagging me! Hehe!) But no one can steal OUR limelight here:

^me and dearest boyfie^

^liz & boyfie, casey, margaux, rei, lucian^

^liz & boyfie, casey, margaux, rei, lucian, edge^

Pink and Blue Alarm Clocks

Green Bracelet

Invitation for Keeps

Have a blessed married life!

Pink + Hearts = Girly Deck Box

Wednesday, 28 October, 2009

Yay! At long last Saizen got new stocks! Sooo stylish and affordable deck boxes! Thanks boyfie for raiding that store for me. LOL.

Cool! I feel more sassy and happy. Haha!

Random Quote:

“I don’t need to have the perfect plan. My foe just has to have an imperfect one.”
—Jace Beleren
(Summoner’s Bane)


Thursday, 8 October, 2009

Gosh, I’ve missed this pink haven of mine! Okay Pinkvillers, just a quick update here:

1. Remember Mike who thinks he’d got me? It’s all sorted now:

Please let Liezl know that I have greatly enjoyed our email exchanges and in no way blame her personally for Trend Micro’s shortcomings.

2. I’ve got new ODESK projects. Yup. PROJECTS. Yay! Though, I was not able to seal the deal with a big time client.
For a simple reason: Got scared with Sorin! Haha. Too bad, I have already deleted his email so I can’t quote the message anymore.
As far as I can remember it says: Unprofessional and Scary (referring to my blog images)

Warning: Not good for a faint heart…


Aherm, so what’s so scary about it. LOL. Just proves that different people have different sense of appreciation. I love the taste of magic.

3. In connection to that one, I was so happy last Wednesday for getting another PW…Sorin Markov again plus Misty Rainforest! What a luck!

4. I won a brand new layout! Done with the editing and here’s the result:

View the new Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed!

5. I’ve won 3rd place on the recently concluded “I-CARE” blog contest. Yay! Got $5 and 5000ECs!
Check my winning entry—->>> I Care… by Lizzy

6. We already waved our goodbyes to Mhy. Goodluck to her career change!
Her “logout” message:

LiezlD- ate lizzy ndi ko makakalimutan ang history ng kiliti mo ahahaha… thanks so lahat ng tulong at sa lahat ng kakaiba mong hirit na masakit sa tyan… nag-iisa ka… nakita ko kung ganu ka karesponsable sana mahawa ako J mwah

7. I’ll be playing FNM later today using a brand new deck. Goodbye Kithkins, Hello Soldiers!

That would be it for the first week of October. Catch more of me here! Yup, dollar quest!

Another time to indulge…

Ohhhh…the heavenly Chicago White Deep Dish! Uhm, yummmmmy!!!!