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My Magic Player Rewards #3

Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

I wonder why my Premium Card (Lightning Bolt) was not sealed… Hmmm. Anyway, looks like still in mint condition so no worries. 🙂

I’ve got 2 Infest, 1 Blightning, 1 Volcanic Fallout, 1 Negate, and 1 Unmake. Yay, collectible textless cards!

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Whoops! Seems that I haven’t posted my very first MPR!

Random Sentence:
Another closet corrects the cry.

Birthday Post For A Cause: “I Blog, I Care Movement”

Saturday, 23 January, 2010
I have posted this one at S.W.O.R.D but I want to keep spreading the word so here I am again… supporting a new campaign and I’d like to call the attention of all bloggers. Let’s be a part of something worthy! Let’s show the world we care! Yay! This gonna make my birthday more memorable!

I Blog, I Care Movement

Be a part of the “I Blog, I Care Movement.” Here are the rules on how to join:

1. Copy the “I Blog, I Care” badge and the rules (1 to 6) on this page.
2. Post these in one or all your blogs.
3. Tag/invite your other friends to join by sharing this with them.
4. Leave your post URL here: The Twitterer ,I Blog,I Care Movement
5. For every fifteen (15) blogs joining the I Blog, I Care Movement, a $1.00 donation will be given to the International Committee of the Red Cross. You can also donate directly here:
6. Spread the love and show you care.


I had a birthday blast so stay tuned for updates! ^_^

Compromising WorldWake

Friday, 15 January, 2010

I’m afraid I might compromise Worldwake’s PR at the end of this month. Aside from the conflict on my personal schedules, my new work sched is also threatening my approved leaves and pre-planned celebration.

I am currently undergoing the Step-Up Training Program and the shifting schedule is to be expected. This is very challenging for me and I am really hoping that I can make it. Wish me luck!


Hope this would be worth the things I am to sacrifice, rather, already sacrificing. I really don’t know where this half-hearted decision will lead me.


This gonna change my online lifestyle and affect my MTG addiction! Whew! I am looking forward to joining a tourney around the area. (Ooops, I sensed something here. Will our office be relocated somewhere else? Gosh!)

Anyway, I posted the first WW card I’ve seen:

Toby’s Love

Tuesday, 12 January, 2010

I wonder if Toby still loves me. 🙁 He lost the printed “I LOVE YOU” on the sole of his feet. My fault, maybe too much soap and brushing washed it away. So much for being clean.

I encircled the faded writings… And tried to edit the image using MS Paint. Tsk. Crappy Photoshop.

My boyfriend gave me his assurance that Toby still loves me the same way as he does. Yay! Toby means so much to me and I love him that much just like the other kids!

Better Lives For Schoolchildren

Saturday, 9 January, 2010

I volunteered myself, I am a part of CSS Outreach Committee anyway. I know I’m too busy with my social obligations and with my extra curricular activities but I feel fulfilled by lending a helping hand. This means missing another Sunday MTG tournament but I can always play next time once I’ve got a better schedule.

Other than that, we have already launched the Go Green Campaign internally yet we are still working on the GGC Universal Mugs.

I am also a part of CSS Events Committee specifically E-Magazine (Synergy) and I am very proud of it!

Celebrate A Prosperous 2010 With Pinkville!

Friday, 1 January, 2010

Yay! The challenging 2009 is over! Let us all face the exciting 2010!

How’s your New Year’s Eve everyone?

As for me, not that good in a sense that it’s my first New Year away from home, worst, I was actually at work! Anyway, it feels better to be at Pinkville while the clock strikes at 12. I was actually doing my own countdown through Facebook. Since we’re on the 23rd floor, we have the perfect view of the amazing fireworks at Eastwood City.

I’ll be coming home after shift and I’m looking forward to a wonderful loooooongggggg weekend at Batangas!

2009 is actually a tough year for me. I had a handful of health and work related issues and the death of my grandma made the matter worse because itw’s really hard for me to accept it.

But now, it’s about time to say goodbye to emotionally and mentally draining issues. A brand new year is worth-celebrating! SWORD just had its most awaited kick-off through a meaningful post. All of my three blogs namely Pinkville, SWORD and Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed are supporting this charity marathon event: “Isang Araw Lang: Takbo Para sa Libreng Kolehiyo” (Just One Day: Run For Free College Education).

Let’s build a strong nation of educated youth. Find out more by visiting Stacey Avenue or you can go directly to Sport37’s Blog.