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Who’s Happy & Who’s Lucky?

Thursday, 25 February, 2010

Random Question of the Day

Is there still something good to look forward to?

Summer Flings: Season 2

Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

This is just an outdated copy of my Summer Flings at Girl Talk corner of Synergy magazine. We are working on our third issue and finally I was able to check out my very first article. Yup, that’s it. The second one has something to do with office romance but it’s not yet released.

I was not able to attend our editorial meeting so I didn’t get the chance to select a new topic that interests me a lot. Well, not really. They reserved the GT corner again for me but the scope is too broad (back-to-back with Men’s Corner) so I’d rather go for a smaller assignment this time to beat the deadline. Whew, I will get into showbiz though I’m not happy about it. Haha. In fact, a paparazzi!

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Random Quote of the Day

“It’s better to feel the enjoyment of being not committed, rather than suffer in a relationship being cheated…”

3 Elements Of My Happy Valentine

Sunday, 14 February, 2010


I think, love is innocent only in the eyes of the child. Alright you may think what you want, just don’t get me wrong. I was touched when my youngest sister handed me candies last weekend when I was at Batangas. Sweet. I remember when I was a grader, I used to make my own Valentine cards and gave it to my teachers, classmates and parents. Now, I can see myself in her. Am I missing the old me? No. Maybe just a part of me, when I was still pure and innocent. Kidding. I relived this wonderful trait of mine just before I leave when I kissed my mom and waived them goodbye. I always feel like a kid when I express my feelings like this.


Oops, sorry if this is too “catchy”, I am actually referring to its exact opposite: SIMPLICITY.
I didn’t make any extra preparation that Friday Night before Valentine’s Day. Each committee had their own share of tasks – from dating games up to love booths. I felt bad that I was not able to complete 3 stamps and grab a free cutesy teddy. It was so disappointing that booths follow store hours and it was conflicting with my break schedule. Sad. Of course I have lots of them at home but for some reason, I want nothing but that teddy bear on board. Hmp.

Nonetheless, I was still happy because I was surrounded by loving people. Heya, chocopops and cotton candy for me! Haha. More Mangyan stories to come.

I also got tikoy from Ma’am Chel and Ma’am Stef. Happy Chinese New Year Madamme!


Lovers rejoice! Yay! I forgot to mention on my 25 Random Things About Me that I prefer tulips over roses. As for chocolates, my boyfriend showered me with tons of them last week. He even promised me to buy the same teddy bear I was crying pouting over last Friday. No, thanks. He had given me lots of kids and pets and I’m happy with what I’ve got. I just can’t help myself but feel bad every time I see those orange, pink and brown teddies with hearts stamped at their paws. It’s more of yearning for an office event souvenir. Nothing more, nothing less.

I spent my weekend with my boyfriend and I’ve found the true meaning of Valentine’s NIGHT Day with him. I will always treasure our lively and lovely moments and will continue to nurture the love. Another Valentine Season made us one, but with or without it, our relationship will survive and we’ll stay alive. A grand celebration is not necessary; in just a single touch or a heartfelt kiss… you can be merry. (Ooops, there’s DO more! Keep going.)

I would like to thank Ria, Bambie, and Red for the Valentine Linky Love tags. Sorry if I’m not so active with memes lately. Rest assured that once you tag me, I’ll link you back. Thanks for the usual support and understanding!

Pinkville: Naughty Nuts Are Allowed!

Wednesday, 10 February, 2010

Spread the W.O.R.D. has been raking a lot of praise, how about Pinkville? Well, this personal blog of mine is not so into hard core monetization so thousand of visitors is not required. As long as I can express my thoughts here, I’m happy about it.

Let me keep a very humble profile. *grin* Only close friends and random strangers do pass by this pink haven. But as the title says, everbody’s welcome.

Mind sharing your comment about PINKVILLE? Here’s what Ria says:

Thanks for the visit! Hope you enjoy your stay!

P.S. If you are as confused as her, check out the ABOUT page of this blog.

GO GREEN Goes Live!

Monday, 8 February, 2010

Too bad, I was not there to witness the ‘rise and shine’ of Outreach Committee. I’m proud to say that all of our projects and proposals have been successful so it really deserved to bag the Best Committee of the Year Award! I’m not the President of the group, just a proactive member. Bubbly and brilliant!

As I’ve mentioned before, we were working on greener ways to deal with our daily work life. The last project of conceptualizing mugs design was very challenging to the assigned officers because it has received lots of criticism, well I hope their just simple suggestions, but no. I can also feel the pressure on their shoulders.

Months passed and each Trender finally got their own Go Green mugs! Here’s mine:

It’s filled with candies and chocolates. Cool!

From now on, instead of using plastic and paper cups at the pantry, we will be using this universal mugs!

P.S. I wish the prints used a lighter share of green just like this: GG Logo

WorldWake Can’t Keep Me Awake

Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

Now there goes the “bad side of getting used to it…” Yeah, I’ve been longing to play magic again since my last sanctioned tournament was November 2009. And when I finished 0-4 last Worldwake PR, my boyfriend did his best to cheer me up and kept encouraging me to play again. Whether it’s with sugar-coating or not, I’m thankful for it. The problem with me is that when I get lethargic, it remains as it is until something perks my interest again. I’ve been playing magic for a year and I got addicted to it until I found no more time playing the game. It’s not a matter of preference, it just so happened that few circumstances restricted me from doing so.

I enjoyed playing but it was my first time to go home without a booster prize so I keep asking what went wrong…

Well, I’m not a PRO and there are more things I have to learn. The BREAD Acronym has been my guiding star ever since my first PR and it helped me a lot. Sad to say, no removals to make my day…

There’s always a better way of constructing a deck and this is the most that I can come up with:

And here’s some of the memorable cards during that day:

My MVP (if only there’s no Roil Elemental)

Sadistic Sacrament (It was my opponent’s accomplishment – successfully kicked twice on two different match. Liz = Concede)

And the card to remind me of my carelessness not only once…

Raging Ravine
My Top Misplays
1. Opponent is down to four, no blocker, no open mana. I have Raging Ravine and enough mana to make it an elemental creature and end the game but I was absent-minded.

2. I forgot that Bojuka Brigand can’t block so when my opponent has the same number of creatures as mine, I am hesitant to attack though he is down to 4 and I’m down to 6. Dread Statuary could have zeroed his life!

Things I have to keep working on:
– Presence of mind.
– Confidence.
– Consistency.
– Creativity.

My boyfriend and I playtested our decks at home. As expected, I did not win. To add insult to injury, when we exchanged decks, HE WON. Tsk. What’s wrong with me?! *spaced out*

Loving Binchotan!

Tuesday, 2 February, 2010

Kawaii! I don’t know why my boyfriend doesn’t like it. Ehe. Binchotan is soooo CUTE! When BF asked where is this stupid anime all about, I told him that it has something to do with independence at an early age and since the plot includes a close tie between the main character and her grandma, I can relate to it. (My grandma passed away last year. T_T) It relives my childhood memories and I really enjoy watching this one because it touches my heart. There might be depressing moments but still, there are more episodes that brighten my day. It makes me more cheerful! Haha. My LSS (Last Song Syndrome) is actually – ???Bin- Bin… Binchotan! Binchotan! ??? Oh, Pukasha is sooo kawaii, too! I’d love to have it!

By the way, binch?tan is a kind of charcoal, which is mainly used for cooking. However, -tan is a suffix created by the mispronunciation of chan. Relating to this dajare, the main cast is the moe anthropomorphic representations of different types of charcoal.Wikipedia

More About Binch?-tan:

Binch?-tan, the main character in the anime, is a young girl who lives by herself in an old house far from town. As her name suggests, she often wears a piece of charcoal on her head. Each episode depicts a day in the life of Binch?-tan who needs to work in order to buy food and necessities.

She is assumed to be an orphan because she lives by herself, refuses to answer shopkeepers who ask where her mother is and keeps to her habits of greeting and farewelling herself when traveling.

She also treasures clothing made by her grandmother which becomes a plot point in one episode.

Warning: FOR KIDS only. Errr…. For kids-at-heart. ^_^

My Most Unique Birthday Celebration!

Monday, 1 February, 2010
I just turned 25 last January 23. I had a long weekend with my boyfriend and the behind-closed-door indoors celebration was a blast! Haha. We also celebrated our 2 years and 5 months relationship last 25th so it’s just right to make the most out of our mini-vacation. Hmmm, 25 is an outstanding number, eh? Does it spell LUCK? I guess…

So, how did our days go? Smooth! I will just leave all the juicy details on your imaginative brains. If you’ve got pornographic photographic memory, you’re blessed! (Just like me!)

I’m not in the mood to share my escapades on chronological order especially that this is an overdued post.

We’re not able to join FNM because I headed to his place after my shift. This time, I did not catch him sleeping on his bed, he was already waiting for me when I CAME arrived. Sweet! Sinigang Na Hipon (Shrimp in Sour Broth) made our lunch date perfect! Yay!

Later that day, his cousin dropped by at his place and we had dinner altogether and we also enjoy our lively conversations. We copied lots of songs, anime, movies and other files from his portable hard drive! Haha. Easy-peasy. I even enjoyed our acquired items! (See previous post.)

Most of the memorable things happened on the 23rd. I realized even more that God loves me that much and so do my pets. While my boyfriend was busy writing articles, his brother and I decided to take the hamsters out of their cages so that we can play with them. It was lots of fun until Elspeth escaped her way out of the playground! Boom, emergency! Emergency. All hamsters are sent out back to the cage while we search in every corner of the room and their closets. No good. It was a hopeless case after searching everywhere not to mention that we’ve noticed a hole near one of the built-in cabinets. I gave up and sat on the bed frustrated. Then I sadly utter to no one in particular (wishful thinking?), “I’m not asking for any birthday present, just bring Elspeth back and I’ll be happy…”

I desperately sighed and lean on my boyfriend’s shoulder when I suddenly see Elspeth running in the center of the room. Ping! Gotcha kid! I was re-animated as I chase her and bring her back to the cage. Whew! Her return really made my day!

What happened next? We went to Kuya Wil’s shop (M4 Recto) to pick up the reserved cards: 3 Arid Mesa and 1 Marsh Flats. We also paid our PR tickets in advance. Then there goes the usual “food-trip” and window shopping. Once we’re home, we hit the bed and turned the laptop on and watched Bakemonogatari… *grin* Then we switched off the lights…

It seems that I’m still organized even on my most fickle-minded mood. Tsk.
Sunday came and we went to church. Then we had “food-trip” version two. Fish ball, kikiam, ice cream, buko juice, anyone? (Eeek, cream spilled on me is not a good sight unless I’m on a bed room. LOL.)

We started Monday with Detroit Metal City and I can’t help but laughed and smirked on that anime. “Oi, DMC! @#$%ing crazy guys!” Haha. I also had a glimpse of Queen’s Blade and 500 Days of Summer.

Before the day was over, we gave our Guinea Pigs a warm bath. Oh, Mogs and Wogs are really good swimmers.

That’s all for four days! The rest are behind the scenes. ^_^

Certainly my birthday and our monthsary call for a double celebration and I really find pleasure by spending it with my boyfriend. ALONE.