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Eldrazi Conscription: Hating My MVP

Tuesday, 25 May, 2010

Remember how my Rize of the Eldrazi PR went? If now, check this out to see my constructed deck. I joined the Regionals last Saturday and it was really nice to be back playing MTG again. There were more than 190 players who participated the event and it was also good to reconnect with familiar players and long-time friends.

My first game was a match with a Bant Conscription who was able to play 3rd-turn Baneslayer. With that, I already know my fate. Yeah, + Sovereigns of Lost Alara + Eldrazi Conscription. I have no main PTE. Fail!

Eldrazi Conscription

Eldrazi Conscription

Now I am hating my MVP from last PR of RoE.

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Bye One, Get Two!

Monday, 3 May, 2010

Because’s host is moving to a new server and I can’t make any new post on it yet, let me upload my magic stuff here. I really have to say goodbye to this Monowhite Ally deck:

White Ally

Now I have two brand new decks! Haha. I’ll post it later. Yay. So excited to play this Tuesday!