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Coffee Break

Wednesday, 30 June, 2010

What do girls talk about when they are together? Why do they have to go on a group restroom break? Why do they whisper to each other’s ears?

Guys, even if you think that we girls are talkative, there are times that we’d rather sit back and relax while enjoying our chillers than talk about all the !@#$ that you do.

Choco Loco Gloria Jeans Chillers

Coco Loco Chillers

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It’s the 25th!

Friday, 25 June, 2010

You made me breathless. wordless/speechless

with so much love...

Another time of month... yet we are currently apart...

In silence, our hearts speak their common language.


Primped and Pampered

Wednesday, 23 June, 2010

Current mood: Feeling good inside-out!

So satisfied with the hearty meals at Hot Pot & Noodle House. I also had a therapeutic upper back massage at Pain and Rehab last Saturday before taking a peek at Toy Conference. So many cute cosplayers! Errr, the costume not the faces I guess… Too bad, I didn’t have my DSLR yet to capture those flamboyant dresses and funny facial expressions.

Weekend turned out great with my boyfriend and my siter. Such reunion with his cousin is worth-celebrating! *wink* Shopping galore is another one.

Hmmm. And I’m not sure if some scenes should be added to the “Meet the Parents-Meet the Fockers-Series”. If it’s so hard to figure out, never mind. I am used to it – being the only one who’s coherent and logical. Kidding. I might be the exact opposite. Don’t worry, MEATLOAF kita! LOL. It’s getting crazy in here? Because you caught me in a hyper-mode. I’m on my extremes.

And now to my down side…
Let the image speak for me.

embraces tight

Yes, you hate me for being impulsive! But in my impulsiveness I find more reasons to love you.

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MTG and Fever: The Week That Was

Wednesday, 16 June, 2010

Been sick after the Grand Prix 2010.
Updates to follow. 🙁

Finally, I’m alive and kicking again! So before the title becomes THE WEEKS THAT WERE or WHATEVER let me recount the good and bad things that happened to me during the weekend. It may also include happenings from past few weeks that I was not able to talk about here. Sorry, I’ve got the luxury of time now so allow me to blab.

First, Spread the W.O.R.D has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010! Thanks to Arwin of Winziph for considering my blog influential! I think so. Haha. If we think alike, then nominate me, too. *wink*

My sister is also here in Metro Manila with me. She’s currently looking for HRM-related jobs so if you know any, I will greatly appreciate any helpful information from you. Much better if you can refer her to hotels or known restos. Thanks in advance!

I’m so excited to blog errr brag about my Grand Prix 2010 experience! Yay. It was really awesome and worth-remembering. Though I was not able to let rk post sign my MTG cards with his artwork, I am still satisfied with the photos I’ve got and with the things I have learned from experience.

Guest Artist: rk post

Guest Artist: rk post

Yippee! Looking forward to more MTG tourneys! For more MTG tournament report, you may visit my MTG blog. You can also find my Grand Prix 2010 – Manila experience there. See yah!

And oh, as for the fever I guess it’s the after effect of walking under the rain at Mall of Asia during the pre-registration. Grrr. It’s so difficult to hail a taxi, mind you. It’s either taken or they don’t want to drive me to my place. And one even asked how much I am willing to pay. I answered flatly, “Meter.” as I pointed to the cab’s meter. Duh. I hate greedy people. Could they stop taking advantage of their fellow countrymen?! Errr, of other people. Even if it’s a day before the Independence Day, I don’t want to be bias to non-Filipinos. *wink*

So yeah, I was bed-ridden with fever and sorethroat. The same diagnosis of my doctor during checkup. With that, I was not able to report to work and update my blogs. Sad. *sigh* I also believe that I have missed a lot of earning opportunities during those times. I can make it up anyway.

I would like to thank all of my friends who wished me well during those times of sickness. Believe me, your prayers and sweetness restore me to health. Hehe. Thanks to all of my online buddies as well for leaving “get-well-soon” messages as blog comments, for writing lovely notes on my FB wall, for texting and emailing me and most of all, for treating me really well and considering me as your friend. Ooops, sorry. This is not a speech. It just so happened that I type faster than I think so whether I realized that I am becoming redundant or not, I will keep blabbing. Haha.

Alright! That would be it for the meantime. Cheers!

Pinkville as Seen by Yuuki

Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Oh no! I’ve been too busy lately and no matter how hard I multitask, I can only accomplish few things. I went to Batangas for two consecutive weekends giving me no time to focus on my personal blogs. The first weekend was spent with my team while the second one was with my family. Of course I had a great time on both occasion, only that I’m cramming now for blog updates. Whew.

For the meantime, let me share this blog review from Yuuki:

pinkville by yuuki
Pinkville, Reviewed by Yuuki

Thanks sis! More power on your blogs, more contests to come!