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My Rainy Days – Sweet and Sexy Japanese Movie

Saturday, 30 October, 2010

Blackmail. Sex. Love. Friendship. Girls. Death. Hope. Name it, “My Rainy Days” has it. And because I love this Japanese movie so much, I’ll watch it again this weekend! Haha. I know, replaying will make me kilig over and over again!

My Rainy Days

Pushy, aggressive yet delicate...

So many jaw-dropping moments while staring at Rio (Nozomi Sasaki)! Can’t get enough of her! Visit SWORD to read my thoughts about My Rainy Days!

Nozomi Sasaki

10/10 Hotness!

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Wedding Anniversaries

Friday, 29 October, 2010

My parents have been married for 26 years and I am a living witness of their happy and successful relationship. I’m lucky to be their eldest daughter. Having five siblings and being born to a middle-class family is such a wonderful blessing from above. Why not, our parents only think of our future by loving us selflessly and providing our needs. And I wonder, do they still have time to celebrate on their own? My father is a farmer, my mother is a vegetable vendor. She sells what we harvest from the field. During busy days, you can find them weeding and fertilizing the crops. They always work hard. Together.

I admire my parents so much. They are not motivated by the material things around them. They are inspired by their kids’ achievements. They speak the language of love in a different way. I can’t remember our gifts to them when they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last year. It’s not a grand celebration anyway, just the family members feasting on home-made dishes. The simplicity of our life is incomparable to others.

How about the others? What are the sources of their happiness? I am intrigued by the life of rich and famous people. How does an elite celebrate his or her birthday, graduation day, or the tenth wedding anniversary? I guess it’s always grand and splendid. But I have doubts if it can make them truly happy. Real accomplishment can’t be seen on your possessions but on your relationships.

When I get married, I want it to last forever. I want to look forward to every anniversary and celebrate it with simplicity just like what my parents are doing. My husband need not say “I love you” through a bouquet of roses, I’d rather feel it through hugs and kisses.

red sweet roses

Lovely roses, as sweet as you!

Gift-giving during special occasion is actually a good practice though the success of celebration does not solely depends on it. When shopping for wedding anniversary gifts by year, something that symbolizes the couple, what they’ve been through and what they really like can be a perfect gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts. So go ahead and celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary in any way you like!

Anime Heaven: Magikera’s Second Haven

Monday, 18 October, 2010

Yay! Here comes a new blog! I purchased this domain for vanity’s sake! Well, sort of. If you’re a follower of Pinkville, you’ll easily notice the difference: v.s.

Pinkville will be transferring to a new host and I can’t stand its bare figure right now. Haha. Of course there’s a Headway backup of its cute layout and reverting to default template won’t hurt it’s PR, right? So while I was searching for simple pink wordpress template, I stumbled upon Anime Visual and couldn’t take off my eyes from the free templates. There’s another version of this one available at BTemplates but that’s for blogger platform.

To cut the long story short, I bought because I just found out that this domain is available. Silly me. I should have purchased it long time ago instead of settling for .info!  Gone are the days of frugality, time to be SEO-friendly and make more money! 🙂

Lizmagikera is all mine! Whether you append .info or .com you’ll be directed to either of the two blissful havens: Pinkville or Blueville! See you around!

Special thanks goes to Sam for encouraging me to purchase! Yup, for VANITY’s SAKE!

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin!

Thursday, 14 October, 2010

I wonder who’s more insecure, the person who’s not gaining weight or the one who’s trying hard to lose some, both to no success.

Just a question, though.

I’m not gaining weight but I am not insecure. FYI. (Can few pounds make my boobs any bigger? LOL. Even so, I’m still happy with my hips and butt physique for I don’t have to worry about diet pill that works.)


Perfect fit!

I’m enjoying the rewards and reaping the benefits of being forever slim. For one, my clothes that I’ve bought years ago still fit me well. I never outgrow the S (sometimes XS) size. So wardrobe-wise, I’ve got the perfect figure. Second, I can move around freely, quick and nimble to be exact. Next, I can eat and drink a lot without worrying about my weight! Yippee! I don’t have to be conscious about my calorie intake! Starbucks frappes or Krispy Creme doughnuts won’t kill me. I’ve got few more stuff to tell but I’ll just leave them to your imagination. Haha. Don’t freak out. Discussing them publicly would be not-so-me!

There are so many things to be thankful and proud about! Be comfortable in your own skin! 🙂

For image credits, check Anime Images.

Movie Marathon Every Weekend

Tuesday, 12 October, 2010

I have another blog called Impulsive Buyer and I post there my every purchase, rather, the result of my impulsive shopping. I wasn’t able to update it lately and I am not even sure if I have uploaded some pictures of my ever-kikay external hard drive. It looks like a pink purse and I love it so much!

Oh dear, come to think of it, she doesn’t have a name! Yup, I give names to precious things gadgets of mine. Chandler is my laptop, Nailo’s my DSLR. For now, let me park the quest for her name. Hopefully, I can come up with a good one later.

I’ve been using this portable hard disk drive for almost half a year and it’s so convenient. It has brought me joys and pleasure. LOL. Leisure time becomes so perfect! I have lots of movies and Jap-series on it and we watched them every weekend. Currently, my boyfriend and I are enjoying the exciting drifts of Initial D! This 4-stage anime makes me crazy over cars. I think I’m just few steps away from my own car and a license. 🙂


Cuddling while watching...

I can feel it!

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Pre-ordered Scars of Mirrodin Booster Box

Saturday, 9 October, 2010

Wogs seems to be so excited! Just like us, of course:

Scars of Mirrodin Booster Box

"I can't open it!" - Wogs

You might be interested with what we’ve got. Check this out: Scars of Mirrodin

Not so impressive. 🙁

I guess it’s fair enough.