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Give Love on Christmas Day…

Sunday, 26 December, 2010

I’m happy and proud to say that I’ve made few people happy this Christmas season. Taxi drivers, colleagues, salesmen and sales ladies, guard on duty, passengers, and other strangers. It feels good sharing your blessings to others. And for every simple gift given and act of kindness done, my prayers also go with them. I’m glad and thankful that God gave me the power to make other people smile… their faces are beaming with happiness! Cheers everyone! Happy holidays!

Jace VS Chandra Japanese Version

Tuesday, 14 December, 2010

Now, this duel-deck is a real must-have for the MTG addicts and anime lovers out there!

Jace VS Chandra Japanese Version - Anime Duel Deck

Just got one! Yay!

New MTG Deck Boxes and Sleeves

Sunday, 12 December, 2010

Aside from completing a new deck (Elves) last weekend and buying the much needed pieces for my UW deck (Frost Titan and Gideon Jura) we also bought other MTG stuff!

New deck boxes and sleeves here:

Red and Pink Deck Boxes

Red and Pink Deck Boxes

Ultra Pro Pink Sleeves

Pink Sleeves Again...

Magic: The Gathering Is An Expensive Hobby

Saturday, 4 December, 2010

As a standard player who wish to have Jace, The Mind Sculptor… YES. MTG is expensive.

I’ve seen people selling it for P13500 for a set. If I remember it right, it was only P2000 per piece few months ago.

Jace The Mind Sculptor

All Your Jace Are Belong To Us! HAHA!

Since I wish to use my UW deck without Frost Titan, I’m in dire need of JTMS. I’m searching for this card online hoping that I’ll get some in a cheaper price. Will Jace snatch my 14th month pay? Haha. I wonder. I’m not a control player so I don’t think it’s a good investment… But after being beaten by so many UB control decks with JTMS, my desire to have it becomes more intense!

There are lots of expensive hobby out there such as collecting Gundams, cosplays, Honda Rancher 420 racing, and more! But among them all, MTG got my interest because it stimulates the brain. Mind game, anyone? Unleash your mental prowess by playing with me! LOL.