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25…15…10 Tags!

Tuesday, 31 May, 2011

First there was 25 Random Things About Me, then 15 Things to Love and Hate About Me and now here comes 10 More Tagged-Worthy Facts About Me

With the 40 things I’ve ALREADY shared about me, what more can I think of? Nathalie is driving me crazy… But I still thank her for this tag.

Guys, don’t blame me if there are duplicate entries here. So let me start…

1. I’m obsessed with nail polish and the smell of newly-opened bottle of OPI, Bobby, Revlon, etc makes me HIGH. Rugby is not my thing. But nail polish, yeah! Then my addiction levels up to nail arts. Loving KONAD!

2. I gave up on stilletos. I used to wear killer shoes and high-heeled sandals until I’ve read about BUNIONS. It freaked me out and I don’t want to have one. Now, the frequency of me wearing high-heels is 3-4 times a month.

3. Nailo inspired me to travel a lot. And I want to capture life in every angle with this DSLR.

4. I’m guilty of favoritism in terms of blogging. I have more that a dozen blogs yet only half of it gets updated more often. The rest are one to twice a month.

5. I never get tired watching Finding Nemo over and over again. Thanks Roch for the recommendation and CD-burn copy of it. My sisters and cousins love the movie, too!

6. I don’t answer phonecalls unless I was told that it’s a phone call. Weird? I have my own cellphone rules: TEXT before CALL. Hope that it won’t take its toll on me during emergencies. *knocks on wood*

Anime Girl Long Black Hair

Celebrate your crowning glory!

7. I wish my hair will grow faster! I’ve cut it above shoulder-length and I want to see it longer than this. My college friends used to say that I have virgin hair. All-natural, long, black and shiny. Then I started working in Manila and I learned how to devirginize my hair. I had it colored, relaxed, curled, straightened, trimmed, ironed, treated, and all other spa-mpering you could imagine. Now I’m a short-haired girl. And don’t forget the side-swept bangs.

8. I’ve got a new favorite bar drink – Malibu Coke. Smells like butterscotch and tastes like real honey. Credit goes to Kuya Hai for this tasty mix! I thought Strawberry Margarita is the sweetest and best drink I could ever have in Baguio!

9. I haven’t finished reading The Art of Seduction (by Robert Greene) yet and several other books at home. Not to mention that there are lots of e-books sitting on my inbox. Simply translates, I have no time to read books these days. Talk about being busy!

10. I’ve just got a magical tattoo and I’m so happy and proud about it! “No pain, No gain” does not hold true for this session because it was almost painless.

While working on this post, I had a glimpse of TV5’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition commercial. Home makeover is as popular as manufactured homes in US.

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New Stars to Fancy!

Friday, 27 May, 2011

Just got my e-certificate from The Mind Museum. Some bragging rights for supporting the first exhibit-testing event at Bonifacio Global City and sponsoring a star!

Liezl The Mind Museum

Keep your mind shining like a star!

Stars always fascinate me… and so are the other heavenly bodies. I want to fly to the outer space someday. Hmmm. A new entry for my bucket list!

Click the above image if you’d like to be one of the imaginative minds behind the Philippine’s first world-class science museum. You may want to sponsor a star, constellation, planets or even a galaxy! Make the universe brighter by lighting the northern or southern hemisphere.

Random Quote:

A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle

Happy Monthsary Darlin’…

Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

What a sweet endearment, right? 🙂

Talk about love and relationship… it’s our 45th month of being together! 3 lovely years and 9 happy months have passed and we’re still here – nurturing the relationship and kindling the flame!

As much as we want to celebrate today, we have to wait ’til weekend first. I have to attend a pre-event briefing for Akyat Pinatubo while he has to report to work at night. Quite a scene from Lady Hawk.

Couple In Love - Anime

I'll make it up with you...

I’m actually feeling guilty because this is not the first time that I’ll be spending the monthsary away from him. There was a time that I was with my friends in Baguio during the 25th, attended other events, and some other appointments I can no longer remember. It’s not that I’m choosing my friends over him or that I’m prioritizing other things… It just so happened that there’s always a conflict of schedule. It could be an issue with my time management sometimes. A good planner or a desk calendar can remind me about important dates. I’ll go for quality calendar printing to have a handy and unique love calendar with me.

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Direct-selling Business

Sunday, 22 May, 2011

My network’s growing rapidly! Okay, this is not about networking but having more people signed up for Human Nature membership under me is really a big bonus. Advertising through the word of mouth. My support for Gawad Kalinga is not only about building homes but also helping the Philippine farmers by promoting our very own organic skin care products.

It’s a business and charity in one. You earn by selling the best and affordable products while a certain portion of sale is given to the beneficiary. Last December 2010, 100% of all profit earned by Human Nature from the sales of Citronella Bug Spray was donated to the farmers’ cooperative to build new extractors, renovate schools and provide healthcare to the farming families in Bicol.

The current campaign is “CommPassion” – building dream for a passion fruit farming community. 100% of all profit earned from the sale of Passion Fruit Hydrating Mineral Lipstick will fund the development of a processing facility (@ Gawad Kalinga Village Pueblo Antonio in Catigan, Davao del Sur) for passion fruit seed oil. Isn’t it nice to earn and help at the same time?

I’ve been promoting Human Nature products for months and had joined two successful bazaar events already. The first one is at Tiendesitas, second is at Edsa Central Pavilion Mall. My sister and my upline helped me all through out. We retail skin care products and make ups. We also process on-site member registration. For more information on how to become a Human Nature dealer, click here – Human Nature (Earn, Help & Prosper)

Requirements can also be sent through email. Use a good scanning software to preserve the quality of your photos for your ID.

This post was inspired my ex-workmate who’ll be joining GK one more time. I’ve joined GK (Gawad Kalinga) Home-Building project before and I found it as a life-changing experience. Well, I’m into outreach activities ever since, but being with less fortunate kids and families, I keep being reminded that I’m so lucky with what I have and where I am.

Shameless plug here, Sunflower Beauty Oil is the best-selling Human Nature product so far but because this is Pinkville, I won’t be posting its picture here. Instead, I’m grabbing the PINK Kid’s Strawberry Sanitizer from Impulsive Buyer (for the sake of having a featured image for LinkWithIn).

Kid’s Strawberry Sanitizer

The sweetness of pink you can't resist!


New Phyrexia was a Blast!

Sunday, 8 May, 2011

Friday Night Magic and then 3 prereleases… that is what we call – MTG addiction! Haha!

New Phyrexia PR Ticket

Marked prerelease tickets

FNM: 2 – 1 – 1
Midnight Prerelease: 1 – 3
Eton Flight C: Dropped
Eton Flight D: 4 – 0!

My new NPH cards are awesome! Of course there are crap rares, too but not enough to spoil the fun. Hehe. I just kept playing. New Phyrexia Prerelease report here – MTGirl.

My MAGIC Tattoo!

Sunday, 1 May, 2011

I’m Phyrexianated! Kidding… 🙂

I’ve got a Morningtide tattoo on my back yesterday. My very first tattoo and it’s magic-inspired. It has sorta lots of meaning. *wink*

I wanted it to be on my left hand as a lucky charm while playing Magic: The Gathering but the tattoo artist discouraged me to have it inked there. It was my first time so we have to test my pain tolerance for a start. I had it on my upper right back instead. And because it didn’t hurt,  I’ll have an ambigram on my hips next time. Probably anywhere in my gorgeous bod. Lol. *thinks sexily sexy*

Take a look at these works of art:

Morningtide Tattoo

Morningtide Tattoo - Outline

Morningtide MTG Tattoo

From detailing to shading...

My Magic Tattoo

Freshly inked!

My Magic Tattoo - Day 1

My MAGIC tattoo after a day...

And here’s what my boyfriend had – a Planeswalker’s mark! We are both mythic!

Planewalker Tattoo

The Planeswalker Symbol

Planewalker MTG Tattoo

The Shade of Red

Planewalker MTG Tattoo

Shading continues...

Planewalker MTG Tattoo

Almost done!

Planeswalker Tattoo

He is my planeswalker!

He got more pics than me ‘coz he’s too lazy to take progressive shots of my tattoo. Tsk!