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Innistrad Prerelease

Wednesday, 21 September, 2011

Starting September 24, it would be the season of neck-biters and moon-howlers again. Yes, you’ll see lots of vampires and werewolves in magical action!

Prerelease promo card up for grab while supplies last:

Innistrad PR Card - Mayor of Avabruck

Innistrad PR Card - Mayor of Avabruck


Henshin Hiragana

Innistrad PR - Howlpack Alpha

Transformed Innistrad PR - Howlpack Alpha

Unfortunately, I an my boyfriend won’t be able to join the PR. We’re saving up for our much needed cards. I didn’t even pre-order an Innistrad booster box. We are allotting our cash on singles rather than getting six random packs. Of course we will miss the fun but there will be more PR to come, right?

Love Horoscope: For Real?

Wednesday, 14 September, 2011

A new relationship is entering a more stable phase today. You are moving away from exploring each person’s contribution to the partnership and discovering the new things the two of you can create together. There is no question that this partnership has legs, so take any insecure energy and channel it toward confidence. You are on equal footing and the future looks promising. Keep the communication open and honest, and don’t be afraid.

Sweet Forehead Kiss Anime Lovers

The sweet kiss said it all...

Raven Knives says, “This means that the relationship will eventually have arms and hands and a head eventually. Hehe. Basically, it simply means that rather than analyzing if the relationship is working because it obviously is working, you should focus on things that will help you develop yourself as a better person. It is important that the radio is on the same frequency as your partner so that communication between you is always clear. =)”

For image credits, check Anime Images.

Mature – King of Fighters

Saturday, 10 September, 2011

Mature - King of Fighters

Marty as Mature (King of Fighters)

Catch Marty and her group as King of Fighters! Marty played the role of Mature while her partner portrayed Vice.

Wiki Info:

Vice & Mature
Vice (バイス Baisu?) and Mature (マチュア Machua?) appear as members of Iori’s Team in The King of Fighters ’96. The designers at the time created both Vice and Mature with the image of a “cruel woman” and a “ruthless woman”, respectively. Their origin story is mostly based on the notion of Rugal employing secretaries prior to The King of Fighters ’96. Both women were unavailable during location testing and were likely finished near the end of the game’s production schedule. Aside from serving Rugal, both women were also spies and wielders of Orochi. They are ordered by their superior Goenitz to keep an eye on Iori, but both of them are killed by Iori.

More photos in her Fan Page albums.

Len Kagamine (Vocaloid)

Tuesday, 6 September, 2011

Len Kagamine Vocaloid

Marty as Len Kagamine

Headphones look good on her, ayt?

DTM Magazine initially promotes Japanese Vocaloids. Some of the featured Vocaloids are Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, and Lily. Marty is as cute as Vocaloid dolls (Figma models).

Guapa or guapo? 🙂

More photos in her Fan Page albums.