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Impressed with my Bicol Express

Sunday, 27 November, 2011

I did a very good job in cooking one of his favorite dishes – Bicol Express (Pork and Jalapeno in Coconut Milk). My boyfriend really enjoyed it. HAHA. But should I call it Batangas Express since I’m a Batangueña? Yay! We both love spicy food and we had a great meal!

Anime Cooking Special Dish

Wondering what's for dinner? ^_^

I better try more recipes and upgrade my cooking skills! For Bicol Express recipe, check out the post on my food blog – Couple’s Trip: How to Cook (Pork and Jalapeno in Coconut Milk)

For image credits, check Anime Images.

Quick November Updates

Thursday, 10 November, 2011

I’ve got lots of blogs and I have to schedule some blog posts just to have fresh content. For Pinkville, I have so many pending updates but I don’t have the luxury of time to blog them all. So here is just a quick recap of what happened for the past ten days.

– I had a great bonding time with my sister in Batangas. I also super enjoyed my stay because there were lots of food especially Pinoy delicacies.

– I have finally updated the themes of 2 of my blogs. Few more to go!

– I did great with my personal link building campaign! Guest posting, article marketing and directory submissions seem to be effective. Some of my new blogs got PR now. This blog is stuck with PR2 though.

– I stumbled upon a set of animated emoticons and I’ll be using them more often! Cute Wink

– I enjoyed playtesting with bf! It’s been a while since we last joined an MTG tournament and I’m getting ready for it.

– And finally, we made it to our first MTG tournament after the official release of Innistrad! I used UW Humans and finished 2-1-1.
Solar Flare: 2-1
Kessig: 2-0
Solar Flare: 1-1-1
Solar Flare: 0-2

Oh, well! Crazy meta! I won one prize pack and got Inferno Titan. So much for being mythic! I’ll be happier with Liliana of the Veil!

MTG Solar Flare Decks

Grrrr... Just when I had no playstests against them...

– Something unexpected happened last night. It was so stressful and I had my “tiis-ganda” moments wearing my stiletto. Not only that, it’s a matter of life or death…

These are the things that I can recall for now. I’ll just update this post if I remember something. Right now, I hate the stupid things happening around me!

Animated - I hate them!

Pinoy Otaku Encore 2011

Thursday, 3 November, 2011

Pinoy Otaku Encore focuses on the true Pinoy Otaku identity which is a culture on its own focusing on the Pinoy’s dedication as manifested by the current trend in popular culture. It is shown by the blending of three cultures; Filipino, Japanese and Korean. The event will highlight the true Pinoy Otaku in all of us.

Pinoy Otakufest (Festival for Pinoy Pop Culture)

Pinoy Otakufest (Festival for Pinoy Pop Culture)

Join this convention for a cause!

Beneficiary: PeaceTech Embassy ( ) for a peace project for Mindanao.


* Tickets will be available starting this October 2011
* Tickets will be pre-sold at P110 ONLY
* 2-day tickets will be available for only P200.00 pesos (limited numbers only)
* There will only be 5,000 tickets available for sale.

Click here for registration details and additional information.