And the Marathon Continues!

For the past couple of years, me and my girlfriend have decided to spend most of our free time going for an anime marathon rather than some Macclesfield dating. We already gave up watching local programming since we find it often frustrating and irritating for various reasons. One of which is that most of the programs in local television is either a hard-core drama which involves the characters switching partners or protagonists which are unrealistically oppressed. Or programs with some storyline that is totally ripped-off from a random foreign movie or series. If not these kinds of local dramas, you get to watch Korean dramas dubbed in the local language. Now, I do not have anything against Korean dramas but then again, when you have enough drama in your life, you do not need to see more of it on television. Besides, the program portrays a different culture which will not be applicable in my lifestyle or probably anyone living a class C or D of life out there. But then again, we thought that the continuous development of such dramas stems from the reason that the majority of the people who watch local television can only comprehend such. And they sell.

That is why we prefer watching anime. Not only do you get valuable lessons from them but they have unique plots that you do not see in your local television. Ever. Furthermore, setting aside the exaggerated reactions from the characters, they behave more rationally than the live characters in local programming. And they do not have time being oppressed by some antagonist who is aiming to get the inheritance of some family treasure or whatnot. I am also not saying this to criticize the quality of the actors here locally. I think they are doing well with their profession so nothing much to say there but plot-wise? It just sucks big time.

Setting all that aside, we still have a couple of animes on our list which needs to be watched such as Fate Zero, Gosick, Slayers Try and some more. The truth is, I do not know how long it will take for us to watch these series but then again, it does not really matter since they are all fun to watch anyway.

Slayers Try

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