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Everyone has a list of destinations they promise themselves to visit during their lifetime. People travel for endless reasons, whether it's to experience different cultures, see natural wonders of the world, or learn about heritage. All these ideas are exciting options, because in every situation, you will be exposed to something unfamiliar and life-changing.


I recently had a discussion with someone about my study abroad experience. They listened as I recounted my explorations around Italy and my additional travels. "I would love to do something like that," they said, "but I feel like everyone goes to Europe now. It's not really that unique anymore".


I was pretty shocked by such a statement. Since when was traveling anywhere not cool enough? Naturally, the older you get, you're going to know more people who have traveled to various parts of the world, but does standing underneath the Eiffel Tower have less value to me because so many travelers have done the exact same thing? Or climbing and taking a picture up at the top of the Florence Duomo?


My answer: absolutely not. Reading travel blogs and staring at photographs is helpful and enjoyable, but nothing close to actually experiencing that place. The truth is, every new destination is unique, and it's nearly impossible to make a "wrong" decision.


It is important to focus on your own personal journey, not the experience of others. Every city, state, and country, has thousands of different things to offer. The places you will visit all have fascinating people, delicious different kinds of food you've never tried before, and unbelievable history that will blow your mind. Traveling will nevertheless change you and leave an imprint on the way you see the world - no matter where you go.


Whether the destinations we desire are seemingly simple or seemingly obscure in the eyes of others, every experience has its own unique value. Keep your adventures authentic while also utilizing the opinions and advice of others. In every new destination, you will find a new part of yourself. Truly, no destination is the wrong place to go.




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