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The rise of Chinese consumption has seen the nation’s oyster market reach almost CNY17 million (USD2.47 million). The nation’s savvy seafood-loving netizens have jumped on the news that a Danish beach has been overrun with the mollusks.


The Danish Embassy in China published an article, titled Oysters Mushroomed in Coast Beaches. But Danish Are Not Delighted At All, on its Weibo account.


The statement said a species known as the pacific oyster had invaded Denmark’s beaches, seriously harming the ecological environment along the coast.


Danish scientists and fisherman have filed many complaints to the Danish Nature Agency, who have yet to find a way to dispose of the mollusks.


The Danish Nature Agency and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency said a lack of capital prevented them from effectively tackling the problem.


The local authorities suggested residents on the coast hunt and eat the oysters, but few people did so, the statement said.


Chinese netize ns wasted no time interacting with the article, sharing it 8,000 times and making 7,000 comments.


Before this post, other statements from the Danish Embassy hadn’t reached more than 100 reposts. Some netizens even suggested organizing package tours or opening up visa policies to allow hungry Chinese tourists to solve the problem.


China is a major breeder and consumer of oysters and has been the number one exporter for quite some time. More than 140,000 hectares was dedicated to raising oysters in 2015, when output reached over 4.5 million, up more than 5 percent from a year earlier.



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