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Forget flip flops and sun tan lotion, it’s coffee and ketchup that holidaymakers consider their packing essentials, according to a study.


A survey of travellers from 29 countries has revealed the top unexpected items each nationality takes abroad, ensuring that wherever they go they have a taste of home with them.


The study by lowcostholidays surveyed 7,500 people from around the world ensuring that a minimum of 250 locals had been interviewed for each country.

lowcostholidays (低价出游)发起的调查有来自全球7500个人参与,每个国家至少有采访250个人。

Illustrated in an infographic, the study found that 56 per cent of respondents from Japan packed Miso soup while 64 per cent of Italians couldn’t travel without coffee.


Perhaps fearing that food overseas might need seasoning, ketchup was the essential item for 38 per cent of New Zealanders, while 41 per cent of Indonesians packed hot sauce and 38 per cent of Mexicans carried canned chillies.


Australians couldn’t bear to be without vegemite (41 per cent packed it) while 55 % of South Koreans can be found carrying Kimchi and 39 per cent of Chinese travellers pack instant noodles.


For Germans with a sweet tooth, 43 per cent packed treats in the form of Haribo while 43 per cent of Irish tourists squirrel away Silvermints in their suitcase.


Interestingly, those from the USA, Hong Kong and Belgium were more pre-occupied with packing essentials that related to grooming and hygiene. The study found 32 per cent of Americans take toilet paper with them on their travels, a staggering 66 per cent of Belgians pack Washandjes (wash cloths) and 60 per cent of people from Hong Kong carry pocket tissues with them.



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