ANIME + Magic: The Gathering (once again)

I purchased this domain for vanity’s sake! Well, sort of. If you’re a follower of Pinkville, you’ll easily notice the difference:

lizmagikera.info v.s. lizmagikera.com

Pinkville will be transferring to a new host and I can’t stand its bare figure right now. Haha. Of course there’s a Headway backup of its cute layout and reverting to default template won’t hurt it’s PR, right? So while I was searching for simple pink wordpress template, I stumbled upon Anime Visual and couldn’t take off my eyes from the free templates. There’s another version of this one available at BTemplates but that’s for blogger platform.

To cut the long story short, I bought lizmagikera.com because I just found out that this domain is available. Silly me. I should have purchased it long time ago instead of settling for .info! Gone are the days of frugality, time to be SEO-friendly and make more money! 🙂

Lizmagikera is all mine! Whether you append .info or .com you’ll be directed to either of the two blissful havens: Pinkville or Blueville! See you around!

About Page Source: Anime Heaven: Magikera’s Second Haven