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The Anniversary Month

Monday, 1 August, 2011

August is our anniversary month. We’ll be celebrating our fourth year on the 25th. So as early as now, I am happy and excited. Happy first day of August everyone!

We planned to have a 4-week celebration this year all throughout August. And for the first week, we’ll watch “The Goddesses of Rock” featuring Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal. No plans yet for the next weeks to come but I’ll be happy to spend it in resto-hopping and MTG shopping. I love food trips and booster trips!

And as for gifts, I have no idea of what to give him yet. While guys can easily check online florist website for a bouquet of flower, ladies have limited online resources. Or should I say, lesser options? I mean, it’s easier to buy gifts for women than for men. Anyway, if it’s for someone you love, then you will definitely exert extra effort and time to give him or her something special, right? I’ll do anything for my man!

Tulips Gift for Anniversary

Tulips remind me of Tendou Souji!

Wedding Anniversaries

Friday, 29 October, 2010

My parents have been married for 26 years and I am a living witness of their happy and successful relationship. I’m lucky to be their eldest daughter. Having five siblings and being born to a middle-class family is such a wonderful blessing from above. Why not, our parents only think of our future by loving us selflessly and providing our needs. And I wonder, do they still have time to celebrate on their own? My father is a farmer, my mother is a vegetable vendor. She sells what we harvest from the field. During busy days, you can find them weeding and fertilizing the crops. They always work hard. Together.

I admire my parents so much. They are not motivated by the material things around them. They are inspired by their kids’ achievements. They speak the language of love in a different way. I can’t remember our gifts to them when they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last year. It’s not a grand celebration anyway, just the family members feasting on home-made dishes. The simplicity of our life is incomparable to others.

How about the others? What are the sources of their happiness? I am intrigued by the life of rich and famous people. How does an elite celebrate his or her birthday, graduation day, or the tenth wedding anniversary? I guess it’s always grand and splendid. But I have doubts if it can make them truly happy. Real accomplishment can’t be seen on your possessions but on your relationships.

When I get married, I want it to last forever. I want to look forward to every anniversary and celebrate it with simplicity just like what my parents are doing. My husband need not say “I love you” through a bouquet of roses, I’d rather feel it through hugs and kisses.

red sweet roses

Lovely roses, as sweet as you!

Gift-giving during special occasion is actually a good practice though the success of celebration does not solely depends on it. When shopping for wedding anniversary gifts by year, something that symbolizes the couple, what they’ve been through and what they really like can be a perfect gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts. So go ahead and celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary in any way you like!

Love and Magic: 3 Years and Still Counting

Wednesday, 25 August, 2010
Booster Box and Flowers

Booster Box and Flowers

As I arrived from my SG and KL tour, I felt his warmest welcome through flowers, hugs and kisses. 🙂


Now that it’s our third anniversary, I really feel lucky to have him and more kilig as I recall our happy and wonderful moments together. No dates for today. No tulips. No phonecalls. Just text messages and emails. We’ll celebrate next week. Though, it’s not actually necessary for we are always living our BF-GF life as if it’s our anniversary. 🙂 (One of the secrets of healthy relationship!)

What’s with the image?
Magic: The Gathering Booster Box (with Sol and red roses)! MTG – our common interest. Now, this is something relevant to the blog theme – Pink & Magic Convergence Zone. Hehe. I miss playing! Haven’t joined any other tourneys this year except for Regionals and 2 Pre-releases. *sigh*

Just realized that we had celebrated it in advance already. 🙂 Hmmm. I’m getting forgetful! Hang over of “A Moment to Remember”? Oh yeah, that super touching Korean movie! I’ll blog about it later…

Raven Knives, I Love You!

Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me and my beloved boyfriend. It was the 25th of August 2007 when we had our first date at Starbucks. It was at first complicated, but hey look! We’re on our second year now… 24 months and still counting!

Let me fill this space with some mementos:


^Pink Rayne^
As much as I wanted to post more, I don’t have them anymore. Remember the stolen ASUS phone? It messed up my supposed-to-be lovely scrapbook!


My 24 Thank You(s)

1. Thanks for being the best boyfriend. You’re the coolest, funniest, sweetest and greatest guy I’ve ever met.

2. Thanks for bringing out the best in me. Aside from my lover, I’ve also found a loving brother in you.

3. Thank you for kissing my fears away. I won’t forget those cold nights and rainy days with you. Yes, you made a difference in my life.

4. Thank you for fixing my “things”. My bed, table and bags are more than grateful to you.

5. Thank you for nursing me back to health. When I was bed-ridden, you’ve never left me alone. You religiously checked my temperature, prepare my food and give me meds and vits. Thank you for the massage and relaxing caress when I’m stressed. Thank you for watching me closely til I fall asleep.

6. Thank you for always understanding me especially that simple truth about my life. You’re such a grown up, not the usual immature guys I’ve met before.

7. Thank you for bearing with my tantrums, fickle-mindedness and pet peeves. I know, I’m such a kid!

8. Thank you for letting me indulge with all those kiddie and weird stuffs… those yummy fishballs, sweet cotton candies, green mangoes, and the like. How about Wonder Pets?

9. Thanks for introducing Magic into my life – the magic of love and the MAGIC game we both love.

10. Thank you for recognizing my accomplishments and being proud of me. I will not let you down.

11. Thank you for all the gifts especially Rayne – our very first kid. Don’t worry, I know all of their names: Sol, Chum Chum, Bibi, Mars, Lei, Fou, Dee , Shinichi, Akiyama, Toby, Keith, Kyubi, Baby Kyubi, Snowhite. I also have those books, letters, cards, rings and preserved roses with me. And thank you for the cellphone.

12. Thank you for letting me drink and party even if you’re not around. I like the way you trust me with things. Rest assured I’m keeping it together with your reminders.

13. Thank you for giving me a time-off. It’s not that I don’t wanna be with you. There are just times that I want to be alone.

14. Thank you for building your dreams with me. I am looking forward to a new home and a happy family.

15. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things. I love experimenting and learning with you.

16. Thank you for consistently updating and checking my journal. It’s been two years… keep it safe.

17. Thank you for letting the world know that I am your ONE and ONLY love.

18. Thank you for being patient with me. Sorry if I’m hard-headed.

19. Thank you for putting me first before anyone else. I’m flattered and really really appreciated it. Thank you for celebrating those special occasions with me.

20. Thank you for those cuddling moments. Thanks for hearing me out and letting me cry out loud. Sorry, I am a misty-eyed princess.

21. Thank you for the assurance and kind words. Thank you for every act of love you’ve shown me.

22. Thank you for all the adventures and escapades. I can still remember that New Year Eve…we almost died together. Haha. And those one, two, three and countless times that I wanna really die for real. Watch out for my Cosmo Confession.

23. Thank you for helping me make this relationship work. Good job to both of us!

24. Best of all, THANK YOU for saving my life one fine day in the month of August. I’ve got no regrets. Swear. Please check my blog title and re-read my poem:

Marry You

Note: Raven Knives and Elizhya Dyna are our DND characters.