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Day 04: Sleeping Beauty

Thursday, 9 September, 2010
Liz Sleeping

Kiss me goodnight...

I wish I can always stay up late. I hate it when I slouch on the couch or lie in my bed and fall asleep in an instant. I wish I’m not that sleepy…

Oh well, that’s me. At the end of a working day or after shopping, date or gimmick I always jump into my bed (whatever I’m wearing) and lie flat on my back to relax. I always say, “Just a few minute…” and then, I fall asleep.  ALL THE TIME.

My boyfriend, my sister and everyone in my family hates me for that. It’s so hard to wake me up. They hate me even more because I rather skip meals than get up and eat! 🙁

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•Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

An Adventurous Dream!

Friday, 23 July, 2010
anime equestrian

See you in my dreams...

Plakda – that’s what happened to me after our teambuilding at Hacienda Darasa. And as I dozed off into the darkness of the night, my thoughts drifted not into nothingness but into the vast ocean of dreaming souls…

“As a princess, I’m the sole heiress of the Oakland clan… of the crown and riches, of the people and madness, of divine rewards and evil wishes. Just when I’m about to receive my rights for the most acclaimed title, Richwood knights make their attack to hunt me down. They want my head and blood as the highlight of ObaDaba feast for the next day.

What a curse!

The ceremony hasn’t come into its climactic point yet but here comes Rentos rushing toward me and yelling that I must run. That idiot again, planning a sweet escape for both of us. Can’t he see that I’m barefooted, clothed with nothing but a golden robe?

He grabs me by the hand and the next thing I know is that we’re running into the woods. With everyone and all deathly weapons after us. I can’t make it, that’s for sure. I’m almost naked, half-dead, braving the freezing winds and rain of bullets. My hands are numb and I almost forget that someone’s still holding it real tight. Then suddenly, my senses are back again… I can feel… THE PIERCING PAIN. THE WARM RUSH OF BLOOD. AND THE SADNESS OF LEAVING RENTOS.”

Did I die? I don’t know. It was just a dream! And it left me hanging, too! Oh boy! I wish the golden robe, palace and Rentos are all true! I was just thinking, if Rentos wasn’t that stupid and we rode a horse we could have a successful escape. Hmmm. Maybe this is just another hangover of my child-like thoughts such as Pegasus, Unicorn, and Peter Pan. Not bad, afterall I can see myself sexy on those equestrian clothing. I wonder if Pegasus and unicorns will let me ride their sexy back with that kind of outfit. LOL.