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Summer Flings: Season 2

Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

This is just an outdated copy of my Summer Flings at Girl Talk corner of Synergy magazine. We are working on our third issue and finally I was able to check out my very first article. Yup, that’s it. The second one has something to do with office romance but it’s not yet released.

I was not able to attend our editorial meeting so I didn’t get the chance to select a new topic that interests me a lot. Well, not really. They reserved the GT corner again for me but the scope is too broad (back-to-back with Men’s Corner) so I’d rather go for a smaller assignment this time to beat the deadline. Whew, I will get into showbiz though I’m not happy about it. Haha. In fact, a paparazzi!

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Summer Flings: Draft

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Random Quote of the Day

“It’s better to feel the enjoyment of being not committed, rather than suffer in a relationship being cheated…”

Summer Flings: HOTTER than the Summer Heat

Wednesday, 6 May, 2009

It’s another time of the year – Summer 2009 in the Philippines . Welcome to the most controversial period of your relationships. It’s when most people look for summer loving and more fun from opposite sex.

Long time ago, sunscreen are the best thing about summer, now, here comes summer fling. Since the weather is warmer and we are seeing a lot of skin, who won’t enjoy the thought of having someone you can snuggle with? The beach is a great place to hunt down some cuties and feast your eyes on them. Let’s reveal what makes summer fling a hotter topic nowadays.

Single ladies are getting more aggressive than before. And I have to add that even the taken ones have the guts to explore their yearning side. Their partners would not take the blame. I won’t personally point fingers either. One thing for sure, it’s not someone else’ shortcoming. Main culprit: hormones. As a human, our quest for pleasure destined us to wilder scenes.

Summer Flings

I... I want some moooorrreeeee...

I will be sharing girl’s point of view.

Flings work best if you’re single. No string attached. But if you’re already taken, that makes the matter complicated. Sadly, most who flirts are those who are taken because they are adventure-driven. Who would love to miss the excitement of having two guys at the same time? Taboo as it may seem, this thing actually exists. Girls are just like you guys, we get what we want. We’re just a little discreet. And we’re better in fighting the urge.

Better watch out for these seductive moves in getting summer flings…

– Identify your target. Strike up a conversation with him. Say, talk about the heat outside. Watch out for each other’s interest and keep the conversation as light as possible. Be keen with the smallest details and broaden your mind to a thousand of possibilities.

– Turn up the heat. Bring it to the next level. Look for signs that he’s into it.
If you get rejected, just brush it off and move on.
If he rides along, enjoy the ride and make the most out of this heavenly journey.

– Don’t take it seriously. Detach afterwards. Know your limits when it comes to emotional and physical intimacy. Prepare yourself with a graceful exit.

If you’re in a relationship, keep in mind that: Cheating is still cheating regardless of the gender of the one doing it. A wrecked relationship is not worth all the summer thrill.

To all the singles, summer fling scheme may seem very exciting and even quixotic, but if you get into it with too much naiveté, you might end up in tears once the season ends.

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