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Tuesday, 31 May, 2011

First there was 25 Random Things About Me, then 15 Things to Love and Hate About Me and now here comes 10 More Tagged-Worthy Facts About Me

With the 40 things I’ve ALREADY shared about me, what more can I think of? Nathalie is driving me crazy… But I still thank her for this tag.

Guys, don’t blame me if there are duplicate entries here. So let me start…

1. I’m obsessed with nail polish and the smell of newly-opened bottle of OPI, Bobby, Revlon, etc makes me HIGH. Rugby is not my thing. But nail polish, yeah! Then my addiction levels up to nail arts. Loving KONAD!

2. I gave up on stilletos. I used to wear killer shoes and high-heeled sandals until I’ve read about BUNIONS. It freaked me out and I don’t want to have one. Now, the frequency of me wearing high-heels is 3-4 times a month.

3. Nailo inspired me to travel a lot. And I want to capture life in every angle with this DSLR.

4. I’m guilty of favoritism in terms of blogging. I have more that a dozen blogs yet only half of it gets updated more often. The rest are one to twice a month.

5. I never get tired watching Finding Nemo over and over again. Thanks Roch for the recommendation and CD-burn copy of it. My sisters and cousins love the movie, too!

6. I don’t answer phonecalls unless I was told that it’s a phone call. Weird? I have my own cellphone rules: TEXT before CALL. Hope that it won’t take its toll on me during emergencies. *knocks on wood*

Anime Girl Long Black Hair

Celebrate your crowning glory!

7. I wish my hair will grow faster! I’ve cut it above shoulder-length and I want to see it longer than this. My college friends used to say that I have virgin hair. All-natural, long, black and shiny. Then I started working in Manila and I learned how to devirginize my hair. I had it colored, relaxed, curled, straightened, trimmed, ironed, treated, and all other spa-mpering you could imagine. Now I’m a short-haired girl. And don’t forget the side-swept bangs.

8. I’ve got a new favorite bar drink – Malibu Coke. Smells like butterscotch and tastes like real honey. Credit goes to Kuya Hai for this tasty mix! I thought Strawberry Margarita is the sweetest and best drink I could ever have in Baguio!

9. I haven’t finished reading The Art of Seduction (by Robert Greene) yet and several other books at home. Not to mention that there are lots of e-books sitting on my inbox. Simply translates, I have no time to read books these days. Talk about being busy!

10. I’ve just got a magical tattoo and I’m so happy and proud about it! “No pain, No gain” does not hold true for this session because it was almost painless.

While working on this post, I had a glimpse of TV5’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition commercial. Home makeover is as popular as manufactured homes in US.

It’s tagging time! Know the rules first:

Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tag backs.
Have Fun.


Girls, please leave the URL of your tagged post so that I can visit you back and know you more!

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Day 02: What’s The Meaning?

Thursday, 9 September, 2010

There’s really nothing behind it. It’s just my nickname. Not even a high shool or college pen name. I just want my name shortened. Rather, corrected. LIZ simplified everything. I hate it when people misspelled my name especially on important documents such as certificates and identification cards. Hmp!


Liz, at your service!

It’s just me – Liz. The typical A+ college girl with straight and long black hair who had it cut short after break up. And then everything changed… 🙂 LOL. Sorry, I’m  just missing my long hair right now…

Moving forward, Liz is of Hebrew origin, which means “God’s promise”. It is a short form of Elizabeth.

PS. Thanks to my friend Roch for introducing Blogger to me and calling me Liz all the time in spite of me calling her Rochelle Ann! 🙂

*This post is brought to you by The 30-Day Challenge!

•Day 02- The meaning behind your Blogger name

Pink + Hearts = Girly Deck Box

Wednesday, 28 October, 2009

Yay! At long last Saizen got new stocks! Sooo stylish and affordable deck boxes! Thanks boyfie for raiding that store for me. LOL.

Cool! I feel more sassy and happy. Haha!

Random Quote:

“I don’t need to have the perfect plan. My foe just has to have an imperfect one.”
—Jace Beleren
(Summoner’s Bane)

Zendikar PR Madness and More!

Sunday, 27 September, 2009

Can’t hide my excitement anymore! Ooops, errr… it’s over. Haha. Can’t hide my happiness, that’s what I mean. Yahoo! Got this two planewalkers:

Aside from Sorin Markov and Chandra Ablaze, I’ve got the following cards as well: Scute Mob (Foil), Scalding Tarn, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, and many more. I was already happy with a 2-2 standing, my card pool is worth more than my P1000! Hehe. Thanks Domz for all the tips and tricks. My boyfriend also finished 2-2 and got Verdant Catacombs, Rampaging Baloth and more cards that we haven’t sorted out yet. I just mentioned few rares I could remember. We enjoyed playing! We had our lunch at Chowking with Kuya ST and his friends. Came late afternoon, the problem arised…

Most parts of Metro Manila were flooded and there was no way for us to reach home without getting soaked in the heavy rain. Actually, prior to registering and playing MTG, my Globe phone was already faulty. Blame it to the typhoon Ondoy. Rather, blame it to my subconscious mind who’d rather save MAGIC cards before anything else. Ouch, too bad. I wasn’t able to meet up with someone who has Captain of the Watch. I wonder if he will still reserve it for me. I texted him using my Smart phone, unfortunately I’ve got no reply. My boyfriend and I waited inside G5 watching tourney and hoping that the rain will subside. But it didn’t. His brother even texted us that we can’t go to their place yet because water was all over the area, too! Oh gosh, flood was already waist-high inside their house! Hopeless case. The next few hours were a quest for our survival. Talk about stranded passengers, closed MRT station and ticket booth, continuous downpour, fully-booked hotels, brownout, tired feet, numb bodies and anything that can be exaggerated!

It was rather a long and tiring day…

I just felt better after seeing my rewards: Mugu Mugu, Magic Cards, Cigar and Lights

^Mugu Mugu: Our New Kid! ^

Alright, enough of stepping on Sol! Hehe. Just pose on your new world Mugu Mugu!

Yay! It’s so cute and cool for my cellphone! And here’s more:

Nice move at times like this. LOL. Care to have a stick or two? Puff it, baby!

I was really thankful that no single card got wet or crumpled. It’s about time to savor the flavors of Zendikar…

Certified Pink Lover!

Wednesday, 9 September, 2009

My favorite color is GREEN not pink. Haha. I just love pink coz it’s so cute and feminine! Hiya, Kawaii!
My Bloguardian Hellsite: OVERCASHED is in dire need of blog makeover and I am currently looking for blogspot themes. On my quest for it, I stumbled upon Bliss-Haven: the haven where everything is a big adventure! Wow, Pinkness is a BLISS! I bugged her and asked for free layout such as hers. In an instant, I’ve got one: Pink Lover. Since I don’t have the time to edit my blogger template yet, I just grabbed the header first:

Pink Lover Header

Thank you so much Moonzkie!!! I heart yeah!


And with so much delight, let me answer her “survey of the day”:

• What is one quirky, slightly weird thing about yourself?
I scream a lot! Haha. Especially when I am fooling around with someone. Whether I like it or not, I tend to scream more often. Ugh, I hate them! (when they say I am moaning in pleasure) Grrr… it’s not like that!

• What country would you most like to visit?
Japan! ^_^ I want to see the cherry blossoms and I want to wear those sexy school girl uniforms. Haha!

• One thing that turns you on?
A good conversationalist. Period.

Love Quote of the Day

Wednesday, 2 September, 2009

A guy who truly loves a girl doesn’t need to unbutton her shirt to have a better view of her heart…

Got this from someone who chatted with me yesterday asking me I am open to exploring new jobs. LOL. Mr. Whoever-You-Are, you made my day with your status message and YM avatar:

He: Hi Liezl, are you open to EXPLORE?
Me: Huh?!

*fast-forwarding things*

Then he corrected himself, rather elaborated on what he really means. Oh, maybe he’s just so into “Dora, the Explorer” during that time. Haha! I thought he’s into another thing (if not for his very witty stat message). LOL. Yeah, “explore” has a lot of meanings.