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Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin!

Thursday, 14 October, 2010

I wonder who’s more insecure, the person who’s not gaining weight or the one who’s trying hard to lose some, both to no success.

Just a question, though.

I’m not gaining weight but I am not insecure. FYI. (Can few pounds make my boobs any bigger? LOL. Even so, I’m still happy with my hips and butt physique for I don’t have to worry about diet pill that works.)


Perfect fit!

I’m enjoying the rewards and reaping the benefits of being forever slim. For one, my clothes that I’ve bought years ago still fit me well. I never outgrow the S (sometimes XS) size. So wardrobe-wise, I’ve got the perfect figure. Second, I can move around freely, quick and nimble to be exact. Next, I can eat and drink a lot without worrying about my weight! Yippee! I don’t have to be conscious about my calorie intake! Starbucks frappes or Krispy Creme doughnuts won’t kill me. I’ve got few more stuff to tell but I’ll just leave them to your imagination. Haha. Don’t freak out. Discussing them publicly would be not-so-me!

There are so many things to be thankful and proud about! Be comfortable in your own skin! 🙂

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Make Up and Moisturizers

Wednesday, 29 September, 2010

I’m not fond of make up and have no plans of taking it seriously. Even if it is said to be good in enhancing beauty and highlighting your face, I don’t think I’ll achieve that effect if I’ll be the one to apply it on me. Haha. My so-called kikay kit does not contain the usual girl stuff. I’m contented with mascara, face powder and lip gloss.

Fashion Girl

Keep smiling!

I admire some makeup models though. They look like lovely dolls with pretty eyes and pouty lips! What’s their skin regimen to keep its youthful glow even off-cam and without make up? I wonder if their face moisturizers have something to do with it.

Random Quote:

My beauty comes from my confidence, not from my make up!

Let’s Call It A Day!

Friday, 30 April, 2010

TGIF. Since I am on a nightshift, I can’t make the most out of my Friday nights. I missed hanging out with friends, Friday Night Magic, dates with boyfriend and team gimik. You, how do you spend your Fridays?

This is a very fulfilling day!

Successfull Annual Physical Examination

No result yet, but so far so good. This made me realize that I am sooooo underweight. Argh. 5’2″ height, 40 kg. Guess my BMI! The doctor gave me a prescription. Well, just magic capsules to enhance my appetite. *raised brows* (I love to eat, but there are times that I’d rather sleep than eat.)

Lunch Date With Boyfriend – My Thai Kitchen

He promised me to write a review about this restaurant and he will also back track our weekly food trips and resto hopping.

Shopping With Him

More of window shopping but one shirt made him took his wallet out of his pocket. Haha. I even persuaded him to buy another one for himself. Haha. We’ve got a pair of ELMO shirt.

Meet Up With College Friend

Well, accidentally. 🙂 Yshel is a dear friend of mine and during this accidental bump meet up, I had the chance to introduce my boyfriend to my close friend and vice versa. Oh gosh, she changed a lot. I’d love to chat with her but I was on my way home and I’ve got 11PM shift later today.


My boyfriend told me that I must prioritize my health over my addiction. I said, “Fine”, with matching “rolling eyes”. Haha. You could imagine my sarcasm.

Magic Shopping

He’ll buy me the MTG cards that I need for my new deck. ^_^

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