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Starbucks and Magic The Gathering ’til Midnight

Thursday, 24 February, 2011

My new favorite frappe. It used to be vanilla, then Java Chip and now no-caffeine chocolate cream chip. Had two tall servings of it last night. First one was before the MTG Gateway tournament at Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop, second’s right after the last round while waiting for my boyfriend.

Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chip

Starbucks' Chocolate Cream Chip

The result? Insomnia. Kidding. It actually gave me enough time to update my blogs and deal with direct advertisers. Got tons of emails that need urgent reply. They’re all set for now. Thanks to Starbucks!

As for my FNM/Wed Gateway standing, feel free to visit my blog.

Day 01: Boring You to Death

Wednesday, 8 September, 2010
Liz Photoshoot


– taken by Ice (while I’m trying to take her a picture) anytime from August 13-18, 2010. Sorry, our photos were uploaded late so I was not able to figure the exact date.

15 Things to Love and Hate About Me:

This is giving me a hard time because I have already posted 25 Random Things About Me! last January. So here we go!

1. I almost got a libel case because of my blogs. Yeah, I’m too talkative for other people’s sake. 🙂

2. I want my coffee to be two teaspoons of Nescafe, two teaspoons of Coffeemate and one teaspoon of sugar. I rarely go for ready-to-drink coffees from vendos. But I love Starbucks frappes!

3. I’m an all around computer technician for free. Everyone at home rely on me for network and laptop issues.

4. I wanted to be a chemical engineer ever since but I ended up with computers.

5. I love stereograms so much but only few people can appreciate this optical illusion of depth. Worst, see the hidden image.

Liz Stereogram

Stare closely, what can you see?

6. I dated a random guy at the mall when my ex-boyfriend stood up on me.

7. My online income is approximately $200 per month.

9. I’m spending more for magic cards than makeup. Well, I don’t buy make up kits. Lip gloss and mascara are enough.

10. I want my first baby to be a boy. Hehe.

11. I always carry a knife (balisong) on my bag. Too bad, my knife key chain was held and taken away from me at Singapore airport. Too strict.

12. I go gaga over green mangoes and bagoong. So mouth-watering and yummy!

13. I am an impulsive buyer. Since cash is just few ATM punches away, I always buy what I want in an instant!

14. I hate plain panties. LOL. I want them to have ribbons, raffles, slits and the like. Pink, red and black are my favorite! I love T-back and would love to try C-string. C. Looks like headband!

15. I love playing around and joking people. Have you noticed that there’s no number 8 above? 😀

8. I’m really not sure of my medical condition. Vertigo’s coming too frequently. I palpitate easily and I tend to forget the things that I just said and done few minutes or hours ago. But guess what, check up says I’m in good health. 😀

*This post is brought to you by The 30-Day Challenge!

•Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Gashapon: Haruhi Suzumiya

Sunday, 26 July, 2009
Whew. I’ve got a new addiction aside from magic cards! Haha. So for now, let me repost an entry from my monetized blog. It’s all about FUN!

6 Tokens for 2 Gashapon:

Jackpot: Haruhi Suzumiya! Plus Yuuki!

Another Yuuki as an extra…

Over dungeons and dragons…

Just the two of them…

On the spotlight: Haruhi

Sexy Yuki!

This one is from my boyfriend’s cousin…

I’ll buy more next time. 😛