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Pancake + Rain = Lovely Night

Monday, 20 February, 2012

It’s pretty humid and with a non-airconditioned room, getting a decent sleep at night is sometimes difficult. So, I wished for an evening rainfall. Later that day, it rained until evening, slightly cooling down the atmosphere. I was so happy about it! Staying at home on a Sunday felt so great! Not to mention that I and my boyfriend have spent some time watching anime and movies. To conclude the day, we had pancake for midnight snack…

Post-Valentine Pancake

My pancake and my love!

Love month will never end! Lol.

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Monthsary Cake and Ice Cream

Thursday, 26 January, 2012

It was our 53rd month yesterday so we had a mini-celebration at my boyfriend’s place. Cute Bunnies - Lovers (Yup! 4 years, 5 months and still counting!)

We had our favorite pork sinigang for lunch while we indulged ourselves in my sweet cravings later the night. In fact, I skipped dinner just to have plenty servings of triple chocolate cake and Reese’s ice cream.

Yummy Pink BunnyYum! *glomp*

Triple Chocolate Cake by Red Ribbon

Triple Chocolate Cake by Red Ribbon

Triple Chocolate Cake

The first slice...

Hershey's Edition Reese's Ice Cream by Selecta

Hershey's Edition Reese's Ice Cream by Selecta

Impressed with my Bicol Express

Sunday, 27 November, 2011

I did a very good job in cooking one of his favorite dishes – Bicol Express (Pork and Jalapeno in Coconut Milk). My boyfriend really enjoyed it. HAHA. But should I call it Batangas Express since I’m a Batangueña? Yay! We both love spicy food and we had a great meal!

Anime Cooking Special Dish

Wondering what's for dinner? ^_^

I better try more recipes and upgrade my cooking skills! For Bicol Express recipe, check out the post on my food blog – Couple’s Trip: How to Cook (Pork and Jalapeno in Coconut Milk)

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Love Horoscope: For Real?

Wednesday, 14 September, 2011

A new relationship is entering a more stable phase today. You are moving away from exploring each person’s contribution to the partnership and discovering the new things the two of you can create together. There is no question that this partnership has legs, so take any insecure energy and channel it toward confidence. You are on equal footing and the future looks promising. Keep the communication open and honest, and don’t be afraid.

Sweet Forehead Kiss Anime Lovers

The sweet kiss said it all...

Raven Knives says, “This means that the relationship will eventually have arms and hands and a head eventually. Hehe. Basically, it simply means that rather than analyzing if the relationship is working because it obviously is working, you should focus on things that will help you develop yourself as a better person. It is important that the radio is on the same frequency as your partner so that communication between you is always clear. =)”

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The Anniversary Month

Monday, 1 August, 2011

August is our anniversary month. We’ll be celebrating our fourth year on the 25th. So as early as now, I am happy and excited. Happy first day of August everyone!

We planned to have a 4-week celebration this year all throughout August. And for the first week, we’ll watch “The Goddesses of Rock” featuring Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal. No plans yet for the next weeks to come but I’ll be happy to spend it in resto-hopping and MTG shopping. I love food trips and booster trips!

And as for gifts, I have no idea of what to give him yet. While guys can easily check online florist website for a bouquet of flower, ladies have limited online resources. Or should I say, lesser options? I mean, it’s easier to buy gifts for women than for men. Anyway, if it’s for someone you love, then you will definitely exert extra effort and time to give him or her something special, right? I’ll do anything for my man!

Tulips Gift for Anniversary

Tulips remind me of Tendou Souji!

Happy Monthsary Darlin’…

Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

What a sweet endearment, right? 🙂

Talk about love and relationship… it’s our 45th month of being together! 3 lovely years and 9 happy months have passed and we’re still here – nurturing the relationship and kindling the flame!

As much as we want to celebrate today, we have to wait ’til weekend first. I have to attend a pre-event briefing for Akyat Pinatubo while he has to report to work at night. Quite a scene from Lady Hawk.

Couple In Love - Anime

I'll make it up with you...

I’m actually feeling guilty because this is not the first time that I’ll be spending the monthsary away from him. There was a time that I was with my friends in Baguio during the 25th, attended other events, and some other appointments I can no longer remember. It’s not that I’m choosing my friends over him or that I’m prioritizing other things… It just so happened that there’s always a conflict of schedule. It could be an issue with my time management sometimes. A good planner or a desk calendar can remind me about important dates. I’ll go for quality calendar printing to have a handy and unique love calendar with me.

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Valentine is a Pink Day!

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (Belated, that is…) 🙂

Valentine Flowers

Happy Pink Valentine!

^Not so impressive resolution, right? Sorry, used my SE phone for a quick snap shot.

Thanks for the love and flowers ‘bu! ^_^
I love you, too!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Wednesday, 2 February, 2011

Love is in the air! Few days from now and it will be Valentine’s day – a highlighted season of gift-giving and loving.

Sexy Valentine Gifts

Let me taste it...

In Japan, women giving chocolates (either giri-choco or hon-mei) to the guys is a peculiar yet popular custom. It is one of the best Valentines Day presents for him. The counterpart of this celebration is on the 14th March, or the White Day. That would be the time that the guy must return the favor by buying gifts for her and giving it on during the White Day.

In the Philippines, couples dating in fancy restaurants or hanging out in the malls are very common. Valentine booths can be found in schools, offices and other establishments. It’s a fun and happy day of the year for those who are in relationships. As for singles, they usually go out and dine with friends. Fun and fearless women also dare themselves to do something unique and brazen during the love month.

In other parts of the world such as US, UK, and Australia it is customary to give and receive gifts from their significant others. With the popularity of online shopping, selecting gifts for your love ones becomes easier and more convenient. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can have the best online deal and get the perfect gift to give.

One luxurious gift for a girl is a gift voucher for health spa massage or any beauty treatment of her choice. Gift cards or certificates are practical yet impressive way of showing your love and care. Flowers and simple tokens of love and gratitude are still in, yet amazing experiences are also worth-trying.

Other common gifts for her that are available online are discount coupons, sparkling wines, adventure tickets, and of course, the box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! For guys, nothing beats an adventurous experience. Say, a jet boat or helicopter ride, super drive car racing, or parasailing!

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The Pregnant Virgin

Wednesday, 5 January, 2011

Have you heard of that story? This is not the same case as Virgin Mary. This one is a solved mystery, so all the couples out there, be warned: The Case of the Pregnant Virgin

Sweet Couples in Bed_Anime

Know when to stop...

This is not a simple real-life drama. Some guys are just plain stupid that they can’t accept the scientific explanation about their sperms. Simply put, ejaculating right at the front of hymenal opening can let the sperms enter the vaginal canal. So even if there is no penetration and the girl is physically “virgin”, she can still get pregnant. Too bad that their story did not end up well. What can be worse than break up and unplanned pregnancy? Should the girl have known that she will get pregnant, she could have just indulged herself in an intense lovemaking or hardcore sex. The risk is the same anyway. She could have prepared herself to become a future mother. She could have read prenatal vitamin reviews and consider the baby’s health and hers.

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Give Love on Christmas Day…

Sunday, 26 December, 2010

I’m happy and proud to say that I’ve made few people happy this Christmas season. Taxi drivers, colleagues, salesmen and sales ladies, guard on duty, passengers, and other strangers. It feels good sharing your blessings to others. And for every simple gift given and act of kindness done, my prayers also go with them. I’m glad and thankful that God gave me the power to make other people smile… their faces are beaming with happiness! Cheers everyone! Happy holidays!