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My Rainy Days – Sweet and Sexy Japanese Movie

Saturday, 30 October, 2010

Blackmail. Sex. Love. Friendship. Girls. Death. Hope. Name it, “My Rainy Days” has it. And because I love this Japanese movie so much, I’ll watch it again this weekend! Haha. I know, replaying will make me kilig over and over again!

My Rainy Days

Pushy, aggressive yet delicate...

So many jaw-dropping moments while staring at Rio (Nozomi Sasaki)! Can’t get enough of her! Visit SWORD to read my thoughts about My Rainy Days!

Nozomi Sasaki

10/10 Hotness!

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A Moment To Remember (Korean Movie)

Thursday, 26 August, 2010
A Moment To Remember

A Moment To Remember

I watched this movie with my boyfriend last weekend, and oh boy, I couldn’t help but cry to my heart’s content. Though I don’t know any personal casualties of Alzheimer’s disease, the thought of gradually losingĀ  all wonderful memories is really a terrifying one, much more, in an instant. I now fear MENTAL death over the physical death. I don’t want to reach a point wherein I won’t recognize my family and loved ones anymore… I’d love to cherish colorful memories forever, I’d love to express what I feel and treasure every relationship. I won’t be able to accept everything until I’m lifeless.

I started crying from the scene that features Su Jin and the doctor discussing her serious problem up to the ending of the movie. Mind you, it’s 2 and half hours long and I have no idea how much tears I’ve cried! My boyfriend was comforting me then as if he’s the cause of my pain and sorrow. *sigh*

And I cried even more when Su Jin wrote Chul Soo a letter (click the image to enlarge):

A Moment To Remember Letter

Momentary love...

Though this Korean movie was officially released on November 2004, I believe there are few people who haven’t viewed this one yet, worst, who’s not aware that such interesting and touching movie exists and that’s the reason why I’ve got no more spoiler here. For me, “A Moment To Remember” is like “My Sassy Girl” and “The Notebook” in one, so if you’re up for spice and drama you must give this a shot!

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