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Nail Art: Water Marble

Friday, 27 April, 2012

I’m thinking about using my Konad Nail Art stamping set once again. But I might need to buy new design plates to get started since I’ve used most of the designs I have here. Aside from the stamping nail art, I would like to try the water marble designs, too! I was inspired by this photo from Pinterest:

Nail Art - Blue Water Marble

Really captivating!

I’ve read some tutorial about how to do water marble. I think I can make it! The thing is, I need more China Glaze and OPI nail lacquers since I only have few of them. I am not sure if local nail polish can deliver the same result. If there’s a cheaper but good alternative, of course I’ll go for it!

Velvet Blue Nails

Wednesday, 25 January, 2012

Because I’ve been busy with lots of household chores, my cracking nail polish chipped off easily. Well, not all of them but some tips are unsightly now so I better change polish than do a messy retouch.

From cracking red, I switched to velvet blue tipped off with white. Let’s just say, a French tip with a twist!

Velvet Blue Nail Polish

Velvet Blue Tipped with White

Velvet Blue Tipped with White

French Tip with a Twist

Thanks to Ate Josie for the evening manicure!

Red Cracking Nail Polish

Friday, 20 January, 2012

I’ve used cracking nail polish before but this would be my first time to write a post about it. And I’m even uploading few photos! Lol.

This is not a tutorial so don’t expect to see step by step images. In fact, we’ll start off with the finish product, errr, my polished nails:

Liz Cracking Nail Polish

Lol @ smear...

It’s all my noob and hard work. So yeah, not so perfect application.

Cute Red Nail Cracking Nail Polish

still lovely...

I used Bobbie Basic Sheer as base coat and top coat, Caronia for white coat and HD Cracking Nail Polish for the red finish.

Red Cracking Nail Polish Set

My Red Cracking Nail Polish Set

I bought the cracking nail polish at Divisoria by chance. LOL. Along with these nail-a-holic stuff:

Cracking Nail Polish and Nail Art Pens

Time to dress up my nails!

I’m planning to visit Divi again to grab more nail art must-have!

Flowery Nail Art

Sunday, 3 July, 2011

Here’s my Batangas souvenir:

Nail Art 070311

Christmas Theme?

Kidding! Batangas is my hometown and I just had my nails done there last Friday. I think I would be a regular customer of Kristine’s Beauty Parlor. Kaycee, the manicurist was so kind, chummy and customer-oriented.

I can do nail arts on my own but that’s with the help of Konad stamping set. This flowery nail art used some kind of nail art pens that I’m not familiar with.

Bloody Bobbie Nail Polish

Monday, 31 January, 2011

My hands got pampered! Bloody red fingernails courtesy of Let’s Face It!

Bobbie Red Nail Polish

Bobbie Red Nail Polish on me...

Job well done… Though, there seems to be spaces not filled with red nail polish. I guess my nails really grow faster. 🙂 Uploaded this image a day late, so that’s it!

Liz Red Nail Polish

Really matches my mood, tank top and deck!

In Deep Red…

Wednesday, 24 March, 2010

Too bad, I was not able to make the most out of my nail art set. I even ended up with the glittery natural nail polish. As for this one, it’s not really in deep red. Haha. Frosted pearls. I miss my usual trip to the hand and foot spa… Of course I’d love to paint my own nails and design them with different tattoos, glitters, gemstones and stickers. But since I’m right handed, working with my left hand is sooooo challenging! And it also means being immobile for half an hour. Eh? Yeah, the OC me. I won’t use my laptop nor touch anything until I’m certain that I’m totally done with my nails. Not to mention that aside from the two-coat application, I also use top coat for optimum result. OC.

Glamorize Me! (The Second Time Around)

Thursday, 3 December, 2009

I think it’s about time to visit THE NAIL LOFT again… and this time, I will bring my boyfriend along with me as my referral. Haha. Kidding.

Overall service is superb. And right now, what makes me more valued is this follow up text message after a month. Of course this could be their marketing strategy, but hey, it works for me:

Greetings from THE Nail Loft Shopwise Libis! Thank you for trying our services. We hope you enjoyed it, you have a free face massage when you avail our services again on your next visit… For appointment, please call 4704219 / 09228587007. We are happy to serve you. See you again!

Check out how much I enjoyed their service here…

The Perfect Nail Art

Thursday, 14 May, 2009

Oh yes, I’m loving my beautiful hands even more. Haha. Mama Ems worked on it and she complimented my soft palm and nice fingernails. Plus another side comment. Of course I’m doing some household chores, too. (I always give them the impression that I don’t help at home. LOL. Actually, I’m all by myself and all the chores are mine: from laundry to diswashing up to general cleaning. Uhm, well… at times that I’m too lazy and too tired, I just drop my clothes at the nearest laundry shop.)

I am an avid fan of nail polish and I always see to it that my fingernails are properly groomed. I love them long and colorful. I can go from French Tip to deep red shades; it really depends on my mood. Being a girl, we are privileged to lots of ka-KIKAYan stuff without being branded as vain. (Well, our men counterparts are called metrosexual, and the term doesn’t sound good to my ears, made me think of something else…Hehe)

So, what’s the latest nail craze? Have you heard of Konad Nail Art? Yes, it is here in the Philippines . And it will only take five minutes to achieve perfection. It works in such a way that the images and design are being transferred from a plastic stamp into your nails. Do you also know that a thing such as nail art printer really exists? It is also called flower printer. You can have funky nails everyday since this can print predefined or customized images.

Digital nail art is like express manicure. Way back my elementary days, I am fond of nail tattoos. They are cool and nice to play with, unfortunately it is a kid stuff anymore and don’t really last long. Aren’t you excited to glam up your nails? Elevate your fashionable state of mind and upgrade your technological ideas. Be more fabulous. Be more of a girl and charm the guy next to you.

Through ebay, you can purchase Konad Stamping Nail Art Set for P6000. Some will even give you discounts. Visit for more information. I had my nails done at a more affordable price though. Thanks to Karla. She did a great job. Next time, I’ll try the nail art kit @ Watsons.

*I wish I could take a pic of my perfect nail art. T_T
*Looking forward to a new camera phone. ^_^