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1-Year Stay @ Neutral Grounds

Saturday, 14 November, 2009

Yay! Just realized this a while ago while checking my profile for supposed-to-be binder updates: It’s my 1st Year Anniversary at Neutral Grounds Forums today! Wuhoo! (as a member, not spammer…) Yup! Of course I enjoyed my entire stay because I had fun and frustrations, gained friends and haters, learned tips and tricks and a lot more!

More power to MTG Board!

Where I am right now? LOL. On the right track…

What happened during “those” days…? Time to look back @

? Unlocking “Ganda ni Rae” Thread…?

? Celebrating My 4001st Post!?

To all the people who made my stay worthwhile, thanks a lot!

Celebrating My 4001st Post!

Monday, 24 August, 2009

Remember the Ganda ni Rae214 thread? Well, it’s back since IDK when and I am now celebrating my 4001st post on that threadie. Yay!

Though, I wish I could celebrate it with Chris. Hehe. He’s been missing in action lately.

There are lots of new faces on that thread recently. Ahem. Old and new. Including those…*zipping my big mouth* whatever/whoever!

I rarely post at the NG forum eversince “that” thread has been locked. Until now… just checking the tourney schedules occasionally and saying HI to my dearest friendliest friends. Or, to ASK THE JUDGE.

So let’s take a look at my current forum stats… for the sake of having fun. Haha.

From per day, it is now 14.088. Lie-low eh?
Click here for more Forum Stats!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made my stay worthwhile. As in. Really. ^_^
If I am offline on that beloved forum, you can stalk me here or here

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