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Say “NO” to Mistbind Clique!

Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

I was playing a BANT deck against my boyfriend’s FAE. He was so pissed off since I have more wins against him on the entire playtest.
And he was not able to successfully play Mistbind Clique even once. It was fated to be Bant Charm-ed or PTE-d. Haha. He then decided to use his Esper Deck against me and he found out that one Path to Exile is missing.
I told him that I’ve been looking for it long time ago and thought it was on one of the binders. He was not able to find it so we checked each deckbox and other booster packs. We also checked our own deck and was so surprised to find out that I’m using FIVE PTE on my Bant Deck.
LOL. I can’t help myself but laugh. So I was playing with more than a set of PTE all along. So that’s the reason why PTE was so consistent giving my boyfriend no chance to use his Mistbind Clique at all.

But seriously, my Bant Deck performed well against all other decks we have except for boatbrew. Yup, not bad considering that we need a few more cards such as Jenara and Finest Hour.
I’ll post the BEFORE and AFTER decklist next time.