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The Pregnant Virgin

Wednesday, 5 January, 2011

Have you heard of that story? This is not the same case as Virgin Mary. This one is a solved mystery, so all the couples out there, be warned: The Case of the Pregnant Virgin

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Know when to stop...

This is not a simple real-life drama. Some guys are just plain stupid that they can’t accept the scientific explanation about their sperms. Simply put, ejaculating right at the front of hymenal opening can let the sperms enter the vaginal canal. So even if there is no penetration and the girl is physically “virgin”, she can still get pregnant. Too bad that their story did not end up well. What can be worse than break up and unplanned pregnancy? Should the girl have known that she will get pregnant, she could have just indulged herself in an intense lovemaking or hardcore sex. The risk is the same anyway. She could have prepared herself to become a future mother. She could have read prenatal vitamin reviews and consider the baby’s health and hers.

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