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Reconnecting With Highschool Friends

Saturday, 7 August, 2010

Keep in touch!

I’m not an FB fan, but I hate the MAJOR role it plays in my life. >_<” – that’s one of my FB shoutouts to exaggerate its importance in the modern world. I signed up with Facebook this year just for the heck of having an account. I keep on telling people that they can always update me via YM or Friendster but they won’t stop sending me invites to join this group and like that one. I’ve got no plans of signing up until one time, I realized its significance to a blogger like me. I can easily share my thoughts and link it to my blog. I can spread the word in an instant. I can win prizes by simply posting comments. And best of all, I can reconnect to old friends and gain new ones. Keeping in touch is no longer an issue and I am really happy to be connected to my highschool and college friends again. Our walls become flooded with funny stories and other highschool life experiences. Lovelife, friendship, and exams are being reminisced from time to time. Haha. Can’t forget those elective classes that requires overnight and never-ending photocopies of reports. The xerox machine just like 108r00727 and Win95 PC were our bestfriends to complete our projects and get A+!

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