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Shopping Around

Tuesday, 3 August, 2010


I love hitting the bargain stalls and scoring quality and cute items. Even when at the shopping malls, the big 50-70% discount banners always catch my attention. Just recently, I bought a pair of Happy Feet shoes in hot pink. I wanted the purple one as well but they are of the same design so I did not go for it. If I am to buy more than one, I like them to be of different styles. I’ve been spending a lot lately. Some are just brought about by my own impulsiveness but I am still happy with what I’ve got. Right now, I’m eyeing a DSLR camera. Not sure if I’ll go for Nikon D5000 or D3000 because this would be my first SLR if ever. Yeah, I’m interested in photography. My friend just came from Singapore and she was able to drop by at one of the wholesale electronics sales there. I’m hoping that I can also grab cool stuff this August. 🙂