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Day 08: From Good To Great!

Saturday, 11 September, 2010

I’m not a superstar but I have my own shining and shimmering moments! Lol. So, what do I want to accomplish for this month?

Let me commend myself first for being soo organized lately. Not the OC-ness, it’s really a job well done! *wink wink*

Anime_Good Job

Keep up the good work!

For the fast few days, I was able to:

• pamper Chandler! I have organized everything on my laptop from desktop shortcuts to hidden folders, file compression and icon arrangement, program and features management, changing of themes, archiving and so on. Feels so good!

• update, compile, and back up my 15 blogs! Amazing, right? If you wish to see them, they’re under Link-EX, the bottom list. 🙂

• download pending movies and animes

• finish August project with the client

By the end of September, here are the things I’d like to accomplish:

• perfect attendance at work – No late and absences because it can greatly affect my stats and schedule for the coming months.

• organize my wardrobe – About time to let go of clothes that do not fit well anymore! Oh, I’m getting bigger. Haha. My closet is overcrowded, too. Needs a major overhaul.

• find a promising and stable online job. I’ve got no time to search for extra online jobs and blog posting opportunities are limited. I’m saving up for my car. LOL. (mental note: short-term goals, please!)

Those three will do. Of course I have more but I don’t wanna feel any pressure right now. 🙂 Plus, some are long term and I have to review my goals and do reality check from time to time.

*This post is brought to you by The 30-Day Challenge!

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