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Pinkville’s Timeline

Tuesday, 27 March, 2012

Those who joined “My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software Giveaway” might have already noticed that I merged my 3 related blogs into one Facebook fan page. Pinkville on FB is now called Pinkville-MTGirl-SWORD. (See widget on right sidebar.)

This page is all about these 3 blogs: – Pinkville: Pink and MTG Convergence Zone
Combined entries of Magic: The Gathering tournament experiences/collection and pink stuff addiction. Also provides anime reviews, beauty and health tips, and online shopping deals. – MTGirl – She Loves Magic: The Gathering
Magic-inspired blog, brought to you by the impulsive and fickle-minded female MTG player! Includes deck lists and tournament reports. – Spread the W.O.R.D!
WORD stands for works, opinions, reviews and documentaries. Provides online updates about current events and things to watch out for. Provides details about scams and similar tactics. Promote timely campaigns and support organizations that need help.

Another update is that most of my Facebook fan pages are now using the timeline feature. For Pinkville, here’s how it looks with the cover photo.


Cute, pink and magical! 🙂

If you haven’t ‘Like’d this yet (, please do so. I can return the favor right away! Just let me know the URL of you fan page. Thanks!

Pinkville’s September Site Traffic

Saturday, 1 October, 2011

Pinkville isn’t into hard core blog monetization but I still love checking its monthly statistics. Here’s the site traffic for September 2011:

Pinkville September Site Traffic

Pinkville's Daily Site Traffic

I think it’s the first time that I share something about this here. Anyway, it’s a relief to know that Pinkville is getting a decent amount of traffic with US and Philippines as the top 2 referring countries respectively.

An average of 208 visitors per day isn’t bad at all! With consistent blog updates and continuous blog hops, I’m hoping to get better result for October!

Marty Rules My Blogs (Luka Megurine Obsession)

Wednesday, 29 June, 2011

I never thought that a cute cosplayer will stumble upon my blog. Pinkville and SWORD are not that popular so when I posted photos from Toycon 2011, I wasn’t expecting a surge of visitors or a million hits. The highlight of my posts was Luka Megurine, cosplayed by Mary Lou Tinonas. Thanks to her comments on my posts, I was able to get in touch. I sent her an FB friend request and liked her fan page right after. And now that we’re friends, I’m so happy to show off a fansign from her!

Thanks Marty! I’ve got three fan signs and I’m posting them in three different blogs. This one is my favorite! KAWAII!!!

Fan Sign from Luka Megurine

Fansign from Luka Megurine! 😛

She’s super sweet and awesome!

Quoting fan sign’s caption from her album:

thank you lizzie for the blog,, so here’s your fansign 🙂 hope u like it, i made 3 fansigns for u.. ? <3

Of course I like it! Especially the pink hair! Blends well with PINKVILLE!

Day 02: What’s The Meaning?

Thursday, 9 September, 2010

There’s really nothing behind it. It’s just my nickname. Not even a high shool or college pen name. I just want my name shortened. Rather, corrected. LIZ simplified everything. I hate it when people misspelled my name especially on important documents such as certificates and identification cards. Hmp!


Liz, at your service!

It’s just me – Liz. The typical A+ college girl with straight and long black hair who had it cut short after break up. And then everything changed… 🙂 LOL. Sorry, I’m  just missing my long hair right now…

Moving forward, Liz is of Hebrew origin, which means “God’s promise”. It is a short form of Elizabeth.

PS. Thanks to my friend Roch for introducing Blogger to me and calling me Liz all the time in spite of me calling her Rochelle Ann! 🙂

*This post is brought to you by The 30-Day Challenge!

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Day 01: Boring You to Death

Wednesday, 8 September, 2010
Liz Photoshoot


– taken by Ice (while I’m trying to take her a picture) anytime from August 13-18, 2010. Sorry, our photos were uploaded late so I was not able to figure the exact date.

15 Things to Love and Hate About Me:

This is giving me a hard time because I have already posted 25 Random Things About Me! last January. So here we go!

1. I almost got a libel case because of my blogs. Yeah, I’m too talkative for other people’s sake. 🙂

2. I want my coffee to be two teaspoons of Nescafe, two teaspoons of Coffeemate and one teaspoon of sugar. I rarely go for ready-to-drink coffees from vendos. But I love Starbucks frappes!

3. I’m an all around computer technician for free. Everyone at home rely on me for network and laptop issues.

4. I wanted to be a chemical engineer ever since but I ended up with computers.

5. I love stereograms so much but only few people can appreciate this optical illusion of depth. Worst, see the hidden image.

Liz Stereogram

Stare closely, what can you see?

6. I dated a random guy at the mall when my ex-boyfriend stood up on me.

7. My online income is approximately $200 per month.

9. I’m spending more for magic cards than makeup. Well, I don’t buy make up kits. Lip gloss and mascara are enough.

10. I want my first baby to be a boy. Hehe.

11. I always carry a knife (balisong) on my bag. Too bad, my knife key chain was held and taken away from me at Singapore airport. Too strict.

12. I go gaga over green mangoes and bagoong. So mouth-watering and yummy!

13. I am an impulsive buyer. Since cash is just few ATM punches away, I always buy what I want in an instant!

14. I hate plain panties. LOL. I want them to have ribbons, raffles, slits and the like. Pink, red and black are my favorite! I love T-back and would love to try C-string. C. Looks like headband!

15. I love playing around and joking people. Have you noticed that there’s no number 8 above? 😀

8. I’m really not sure of my medical condition. Vertigo’s coming too frequently. I palpitate easily and I tend to forget the things that I just said and done few minutes or hours ago. But guess what, check up says I’m in good health. 😀

*This post is brought to you by The 30-Day Challenge!

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Let’s Call It A Day!

Friday, 30 April, 2010

TGIF. Since I am on a nightshift, I can’t make the most out of my Friday nights. I missed hanging out with friends, Friday Night Magic, dates with boyfriend and team gimik. You, how do you spend your Fridays?

This is a very fulfilling day!

Successfull Annual Physical Examination

No result yet, but so far so good. This made me realize that I am sooooo underweight. Argh. 5’2″ height, 40 kg. Guess my BMI! The doctor gave me a prescription. Well, just magic capsules to enhance my appetite. *raised brows* (I love to eat, but there are times that I’d rather sleep than eat.)

Lunch Date With Boyfriend – My Thai Kitchen

He promised me to write a review about this restaurant and he will also back track our weekly food trips and resto hopping.

Shopping With Him

More of window shopping but one shirt made him took his wallet out of his pocket. Haha. I even persuaded him to buy another one for himself. Haha. We’ve got a pair of ELMO shirt.

Meet Up With College Friend

Well, accidentally. 🙂 Yshel is a dear friend of mine and during this accidental bump meet up, I had the chance to introduce my boyfriend to my close friend and vice versa. Oh gosh, she changed a lot. I’d love to chat with her but I was on my way home and I’ve got 11PM shift later today.


My boyfriend told me that I must prioritize my health over my addiction. I said, “Fine”, with matching “rolling eyes”. Haha. You could imagine my sarcasm.

Magic Shopping

He’ll buy me the MTG cards that I need for my new deck. ^_^

Note: All images will be uploaded later.