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3 Elements Of My Happy Valentine

Sunday, 14 February, 2010


I think, love is innocent only in the eyes of the child. Alright you may think what you want, just don’t get me wrong. I was touched when my youngest sister handed me candies last weekend when I was at Batangas. Sweet. I remember when I was a grader, I used to make my own Valentine cards and gave it to my teachers, classmates and parents. Now, I can see myself in her. Am I missing the old me? No. Maybe just a part of me, when I was still pure and innocent. Kidding. I relived this wonderful trait of mine just before I leave when I kissed my mom and waived them goodbye. I always feel like a kid when I express my feelings like this.


Oops, sorry if this is too “catchy”, I am actually referring to its exact opposite: SIMPLICITY.
I didn’t make any extra preparation that Friday Night before Valentine’s Day. Each committee had their own share of tasks – from dating games up to love booths. I felt bad that I was not able to complete 3 stamps and grab a free cutesy teddy. It was so disappointing that booths follow store hours and it was conflicting with my break schedule. Sad. Of course I have lots of them at home but for some reason, I want nothing but that teddy bear on board. Hmp.

Nonetheless, I was still happy because I was surrounded by loving people. Heya, chocopops and cotton candy for me! Haha. More Mangyan stories to come.

I also got tikoy from Ma’am Chel and Ma’am Stef. Happy Chinese New Year Madamme!


Lovers rejoice! Yay! I forgot to mention on my 25 Random Things About Me that I prefer tulips over roses. As for chocolates, my boyfriend showered me with tons of them last week. He even promised me to buy the same teddy bear I was crying pouting over last Friday. No, thanks. He had given me lots of kids and pets and I’m happy with what I’ve got. I just can’t help myself but feel bad every time I see those orange, pink and brown teddies with hearts stamped at their paws. It’s more of yearning for an office event souvenir. Nothing more, nothing less.

I spent my weekend with my boyfriend and I’ve found the true meaning of Valentine’s NIGHT Day with him. I will always treasure our lively and lovely moments and will continue to nurture the love. Another Valentine Season made us one, but with or without it, our relationship will survive and we’ll stay alive. A grand celebration is not necessary; in just a single touch or a heartfelt kiss… you can be merry. (Ooops, there’s DO more! Keep going.)

I would like to thank Ria, Bambie, and Red for the Valentine Linky Love tags. Sorry if I’m not so active with memes lately. Rest assured that once you tag me, I’ll link you back. Thanks for the usual support and understanding!