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Day 23: Love It Whipped!

Sunday, 26 September, 2010

I’m about to say coffee, but that’s too general. Besides, I can always get hold of a cup of coffee at home or here at the office. Hmmm. I’m actually craving for Java Chip Frappe!

java chip frappe

Give in to your creamy temptation!

But wait, there’s more! I can’t remember when’s the last time I’ve enjoyed Jollibee’s Rocky Road Brownie Sundae so I’m including it on my must-taste list for this week! 🙂

Rocky Road VS. Black Forest

Rocky Road Brownie VS. Black Forest

I love RRB more than BR! 🙂

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•Day 23- Something you crave for a lot

Coffee Break

Wednesday, 30 June, 2010

What do girls talk about when they are together? Why do they have to go on a group restroom break? Why do they whisper to each other’s ears?

Guys, even if you think that we girls are talkative, there are times that we’d rather sit back and relax while enjoying our chillers than talk about all the !@#$ that you do.

Choco Loco Gloria Jeans Chillers

Coco Loco Chillers

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