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More Happiness with Him

Friday, 28 August, 2009

The celebration is not yet over. Haha.
Yeah, food and laugh trip. We had our lunch at Jollibee since that’s the most accessible place to dine during my shift. After work, we headed to Megamall just for the sake of buying gashapon (toy capsules).
Want an Overview?
Haruhi Gashapon
Cute Toy Capsules

First Stopover:
Toy Kingdom

2nd Stopover:
Gonuts Donuts

3rd Stopover:

4th Stopover:

5th Stopover:
Comic Alley

And we still managed our way to the MRT Shaw station despite the heavy rain. Whew. It was fun. Lotsa fun!
Though, I wish I could have my Pain & Rehab treatment that same day. Anyway, I could always avail such home massage so no worries. ^_^

Mikuru and Tsuruya: New Haruhi Gashapon

^Tsuruya, Mikuru, Yuki, Haruhi^


^Sol, Chum Chum, Bibi, Mars, Dee, Fou, Lei^
(from left to right, up to bottom)

Zzzzzz… Zzzzzz… Zzzzzz…
Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Gashapon: Haruhi Suzumiya

Sunday, 26 July, 2009
Whew. I’ve got a new addiction aside from magic cards! Haha. So for now, let me repost an entry from my monetized blog. It’s all about FUN!

6 Tokens for 2 Gashapon:

Jackpot: Haruhi Suzumiya! Plus Yuuki!

Another Yuuki as an extra…

Over dungeons and dragons…

Just the two of them…

On the spotlight: Haruhi

Sexy Yuki!

This one is from my boyfriend’s cousin…

I’ll buy more next time. 😛