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Hot Issue: Libel Against Me

Wednesday, 11 August, 2010

Sticky Post: Originally posted last 08/05/2010

Telling the Truth

I'm just... telling the truth!

Just when I thought everything has been settled after being informed that all of SEA-MARJ’s job postings have been updated, here goes a threatening comment. Oh, I know why it’s “Anonymous”! Taking legal action against me when he/she can’t even speak nor write in proper English.

Let me quote the comments:

Good day! I hope it will still be a good day for you Ms. Liezel Ocampo upon reading this comment!We are the legal counsel of SEAMARJ and I would like to caught your attention that the case Libel against you is now being arrange by our company. You will received a summon letter kindly wait for it. Can you accept and post this comment so that all people commenting on your blog might be aware that ion this world being judgemental without further basis is not a healthy attitude!

And the second one:

Just wait for the legal actions that is filed against you Ms. LiezelOcampo. As early as now find a good lawyer that can defend you. Good Luck!. Expect a demand letter coming from SEAMARJ!

And here’s my reply:

Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment. Even if I have doubts that you are the legal counsel of SEA-MARJ (the grammatical errors really caught my attention) I still posted this comment. I’m letting the world know that a libel case can be filed against someone who’s telling the truth. 🙂

What are your judgments? If you wish to know whether I am guilty or not, find time to read the original post and other people’s testimonials here. I even updated the post after receiving an email from Jobstreet. Wanna see? Click here.

Seriously, I was “nosebleed” after reading their comments. But hey, it made my day.