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What Makes Mario Such A Timeless Classic?

Friday, 4 October, 2013

Since the first Mario game was released, almost 26 years ago, it has been nothing but a revelation to video gamers around the world. Although for the present generation the older Mario game may seem like nothing more than just another 8 – bit video game, at its time it truly was an icon and still stays so for those who had the opportunity to play it. It set the standards for how video games should be and was the first game that invoked the interest of people in video games. So what really makes Mario such a timeless classic, what is the reason behind its enormous success? Well, let’s find out.

The thing that most people wouldn’t have realized probably at that time is the simplicity that the game provided despite its excellent graphics and game play. Unlike other exceptionally complicated games where you had to remember a myriad of combination moves to get through. Mario presented the user just a few simple motions to follow. All you had to do was to pick up the controller, move forward jumping on enemies and random targets and explore the world with seemingly apparent markers. And the subtle variations in the game levels without too much difficulty imposed on you, made it much easier to adapt to as well.

This apparent simplicity is what that made the game a favorite for all age groups. But there is more. The game introduced what the concept behind video games should be. While most games, in its time let players throw magical fireballs and play poker games, which are either impossible to do in the real world or too boring, Mario enabled players to do things that are forbidden in real world on their television screens and this makes it very popular game.

Honestly, didn’t it make you feel good smashing all those bricks, jumping and crushing your enemies, pushing baddies into hot scorching lava? Truly this is what made the Mario an instant hit. And this trademark characteristic is what is being followed by games even till today, such as GTA.

And final the game’s replay ability and the sequence which it follows also contributed to the game’s entry into the video game hall of fame. Since the game had so many levels and all of them seemed to follow the same backdrop, nobody really cared to remember the levels. So no matter how many times one plays it, it always felt like new. Now, that’s something that almost all of the games, both past and present, miss out on. Truly all these factors have made Mario a timeless classic.